April 22, 2012

Eden To GREEEEN Pops Up On TegraZone With Q2 2012 Release Date, Will Let You Beat Up Steam Rollers With Flowers


During Mobile World Congress nearly 2 months ago, NVIDIA released some details about a few impressive looking upcoming games. One of them was the very original looking Eden to GREEEEN. Eric summarized the game well: Built on the Unreal Engine, Eden to GREEEEN pits you "against alien machines from another planet" (so we can conclude "alien" doesn't mean "immigrant" here) who are trying to steal Eden's natural resources. It's up to you to save Euphoria, the natural energy of Eden. This totally … [Read more...]

Coachelle 2012 starts tonight, live stream available via YouTube


The other day we let you guys know about a bunch of free songs that were available in the Play Store. Offering up a great line up of Coachelle all-star performers from the past and the present. This years festival sold out in record time, leaving many unable to attend. Others just couldn’t afford the trip to So-Cal to spend a weekend rocking out. The line up includes over 60 artists scheduled to perform over the next three days. Such greats like Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog, The Black Keys, … [Read more...]

SEGA’s Football Manager Handheld 2012 – Manage Real Players From Training To Matchday


  Bringing the "world's best-selling Football management game" to Android users everywhere, SEGA recently introduced Football Manager Handheld 2012 to the Play Store recently, giving players the opportunity to "take the hot-seat at any club" including leagues in 12 countries (across several continents), with full control over team management from training to tactics to live management during matchdays.    Besides offering a lengthy career mode in which players can experience a full … [Read more...]

Gartner: Tablet sales to double in 2012


  According to research firm Gartner, tablet sales will nearly double (98 percent increase) in 2012, largely on the backs of Apple's iPad.  Forecasted to reach 118 million sales this year, that number will more than triple by 2016. As Gartner sees it, Android should pull in 32 percent of 2012's numbers however that share is set to rise while Apple's tapers a bit.  By the 2016, Android could account for 137.6 million ( ) of 369.2 million tablets while the iPad will rake in 45.9 … [Read more...]

Football Manager Handheld 2012 Hits Android Soon


Sega has just announced that they’ll soon be releasing Football Manager Handheld 2012 for Android. A once-iOS exclusive, Football Manager Handheld allows users to take control of clubs in leagues from 12 different countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Wales. You can control club transfers, influence training and tactics, and more. Managing clubs during a live match day is the main attraction, but there’s … [Read more...]

Android Bootcamp 2012 Offers Over 20 Hours Of Android Web Development Instruction – Free On YouTube


  Marakana, a company that's been "helping IT professionals get better at what they do" since 2001, has been busy (since January) releasing the latest series of videos in its Android Bootcamp franchise, this time updated for Ice Cream Sandwich development. For those not familiar, Android Bootcamp is a series of videos aimed at those looking to learn Android development. Some may remember a similar project by TheNewBoston, though Marakana has broken its set of tutorials into much … [Read more...]

Amazon now rumored to be prepping three tablets for 2012


When it comes to a successor to the Kindle Fire, it's not a question of whether or not Amazon will release one this year.  Rather, the question seems to be just how many Amazon is working on.  We previously reported that the online retail behemoth was readying a pair of Android-based tablets to succeed the Kindle Fire, however things are changing yet again.  New details from Taiwan's Economic Times tell us that Amazon is prepping three tablets for release in 2012. According to their … [Read more...]

Quick reminder for Google I/O 2012 registration: it’s day after


  Friendly reminder (primarily because I forgot about this): Google I/O registration is day after, starting 7 AM PDT on the 27th of March Come 27 June 2012, and some 5,500 lucky people are going to be at the Moscone Center in San Francisco as Google shows off their latest and greatest work. Although it really is all about the developers, everyone is excited to see what would be unveiled. If you want to be inside the Moscone Center, in the thick of all the action, you gotta be … [Read more...]

Study: 4G LTE device shipments to grow times 10 during 2012


  Those that haven’t been living under a rock will know that 4G LTE is today’s technology. It is here to stay, and manufacturers and carriers across the globe are investing all their dimes and nickles to move to the faster data speeds it offers. But currently we find ourselves in the middle of the transition, and LTE device shipments are said to multiply by 10 this year. According to a study held by Strategy Analytics, 2012′s LTE unit shipments will grow to reach 67 million. … [Read more...]

Gameloft Announces New Titles For 2012 – Also Mentions All New Games Will Have In-App Purchases


  As our smartphones become more and more powerful, blurring the lines between phone and handhelds, it really comes as no surprise that mobile game developer/publisher Gameloft has been cashing in. Along with the company’s annual financial report, Gameloft also announced a few new titles coming soon to our smartphones and tablets like: The Dark Knight Rises Men in Black 3 Ice Age The Avengers The Amazing Spider-Man Littlest Pet Shop My Little Pony (this one I’m most … [Read more...]

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