April 26, 2011

Acer Social Jogger Widget and Apps Available for Download


One of the best things about the stock UIs we see preloaded on various devices we purchase, are the social netowrking applications and widget integrations. This software allows us to keep track of our favorite social environments while keeping friends and family up to date with current happenings on the fly. Almost every UI available has a stock interface of some kind (the pure google devices not included), and every vendor has a different way of going about these, some focus on design while … [Read more...]

Acer Iconia Tab A500 – $450, April 24th


In a recent article regarding Packard Bell’s newest offering to the Android world, the Liberty Tab, it was mentioned that we would probably see an Acer version of the tab for the states. While the that remark was made thinking that it would be a little while before Acer released said information, it seems they’re already offering up their comparison. The Acer Iconia Tab A500 looks a bit different on the outside however features everything else offered by the Liberty tab down to a “T”. … [Read more...]

Acer Liquid Metal’s Official Gingerbread ROM Leaked


A user by the name of “LIQUID_USER” at MoDaCo has uploaded a leak of Acer’s Gingerbread ROM for the Acer Liquid MT (Metal.) The device launched with Android 2.2 a couple of months ago, and although we haven’t heard a bunch about its success it seems it did well enough for Acer to continue supporting it. Give it a shot on your own MT by using the multiupload link but be sure to check back at MoDaCo to see if there’s a mirror in case it goes down.   [Thanks Ahsan!], Android … [Read more...]

Amazon Offers Pre-Order on Acer Aspire ICONIA A100


Another device emerge from behind the scenes. Unlike most of the others being offered the Iconia Tab A100 is one of the smaller options. The new Acer tablet comes sporting a 7″ display running the newest Android OS, Honeycomb, along with a Tegra 2 processor with 512MB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Amazon UK is offering the A100 for £299.99 ($ 480), which seems high considering other tablets being offered for less. While it shares the similar hardware as some of the other new and … [Read more...]

AT&T Launching Acer Iconia Tab A501 This Summer


We saw another new Acer tablet not too long ago being featured in an European retailer’s catalog, however this variant of the Acer Iconia Tab is being will be called the A501 and will be landing in the states soon . While Acer’s new addition to the tablet world may be considered a new kid on the block it comes packing a bit of power. the A501 will be debuting this Summer on AT&T sporting Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 250 processor, and a sleek 10.1″ display. Of … [Read more...]

AT&T’s 4G Android Tablet: Acer Iconia Tab A501


It’s pretty clear that AT&T isn’t relying on the iPhone and iPad any longer: with other carriers announcing Android Honeycomb tablets left and right, AT&T finally came to the table with an offering of their own. Kind of. In a press release, AT&T announced they’ll soon carry the Acer Iconia Tab A501. With a 10-inch screen, 1GHz dual core processor and Android 3.0, they claim the Iconia Tab A501 will be Acer’s first 4G Tablet. Kind of. In reality we already knew Verizon … [Read more...]

[Video] Quick Look – RoyalLiquid: Acer Liquid Metal ROM Port for the myTouch 4G


TeamRoyal: Devs – RoyalKnight6190 – Team Leader – Head of RoyalGinger / Head of RoyalHoney / Head of RoyalMint (Not Yet Released) / Head of RoyalLiquid / RoyalThunder XxKOLOHExX – Behind the Scenes Dev thelamacmdr – Behind the Scenes Dev Ohsaka – Behind the Scenes Dev option94 – Mod – Head of RoyalFroyo / Head of Royal MIUI (Not Yet Released) / Head of RoyalBlur (Not Yet Released) Faux123 – Head of Kernel’s TrueBlue_Drew – Head of RoyalGlacier (Not Yet … [Read more...]

Rogers Acer Liquid MT hands-on


The last we heard of the Acer Liquid Metal was when it hit the FCC bearing some AT&T bands. Now, the device has turned up on Rogers in Canada as the Acer Liquid MT and we're going to go ahead and put it through its paces. A quick look at the specs tells us that it's certainly not up to par with the dual-cores of today but if anyone is looking to get started with a basic device that has a lot of features the Acer Liquid MT fits rather nicely. A spec reminder: 1500mAh Li-Ion … [Read more...]

Acer Liquid Metal Hands-on and Impressions [MWC] [VIDEO]


The Acer Liquid Metal doesn’t really do anything special software wise, but it’s the hardware that its name is derived from. The phone is constructed of mostly aluminum, but a unibody design it isn’t. Still, all of the materials come together to make a nice looking phone that anyone would want to carry around. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Acer Liquid Metal was its LED notification system – three backlit icons on the top of the device will notify you for three different … [Read more...]

Acer Iconia Smart Runs 2.3 On Huge 4.8-inch Screen


Double take. That’s exactly what I did when I saw the Acer Iconia Smart. The screen size alone didn’t get me, after all it seems we’ve got 10-inch tablets in bulk, but the shape of the Acer Iconia Smart caught my eye and I was immediately intrigued: I like the concept of the 4.8-inch screen. If you take your typical 4-inch or 4.3-inch smartphone and scale it evenly, you would likely have a fatty phone that looked pretty awkward in your skinny jeans. By keeping the width of the screen … [Read more...]

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