December 29, 2010

Google and NORAD Teaming Up Again to Track Santa!

NIt’s that time! As Santa gets ready to to lift off, delivering goodies to all the good little boys and girls, NORAD is ready to track his progress and bring him down if he mistakenly leaves a lump of coal in the wrong stocking (like mine), and this year is no different. Once again NORAD will receive some help from Google, which will also help you figure out where Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick is and if it’s time to get to bed.

Google and NORAD have provided the kids with a number of ways to see where he is at:

The tradition of stalking Santa started way back in 1955 when Sears had a misprint in their catalogue that sent callers looking for the Santa hotline to NORAD instead.

With that said, we’ll take this as my signing off until Sunday. This one man train is ready for a few days off. Happy holidays, my fellow Phandroidians; keep your cocoa, and coconuts, warm and stay safe out there!

[via Tech Crunch]

Android Phone Fans

Never Fear Liquid Again

OK, so I know this is not Android specific but this will still apply to our devices in a pretty major way someday, I hope. Aridion, which was developed by P2i, is a nano-technology that invisibly bonds to your electronic devices protecting against liquid, corrosion and stains. Crazy sounding huh? This creation will easily replace the need for a case, a protective shield or even a zip lock bag. Take a quick read about the company:

P2i is the world leader in liquid-repellent nano-coating technology.

Our revolutionary plasma process dramatically reduces the surface energy of a material, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off. This enables our customers to dramatically improve the performance of their products by protecting them from the effects of water and all other liquids, without affecting the look or feel.

P2i has two consumer brands for its technology:
ion-mask™, for footwear, outdoor clothing and accessories, and Aridion™, for consumer electronics. For industrial applications, the technology is covered by the corporate P2i brand.

So that is just a little bit about its applications. What is really mind blowing is the video they have created demonstrating their technology. Head on over to their website at P2ilabs to watch the video that gives a really good demonstration of it.

I am not 100% how this all works as of yet, nor do I know if the general population will ever be able to get this done to their device if they wish. Still, this is some pretty amazing stuff in my book. Feel free to take a tour of their website P2ilabs and please let us know what you think of this.

AndroidSwag does it again. Lot’s O’ Bots Tee

Show off your “Bot Pride” with Lot’s O’ Bots Tee from AndroidSwag.

That’s right, these are the Bots that I love.  We have nearly every pop culture robot from the last 20 years (notable exceptions, Rosie from the Jetsons and the Roomba).  Geek it out with this new AndroidSwag exclusive.  Sales begin on December 16th at $23 with worldwide shipping available.  Yet, you can pre-order starting now for only $20.

The Shirts are pre-shrunk 4.5 oz 100% cotton (combed rung spun).  ”It’s printed from one of our best guys, and it will last a long time,” says Chief Creative Officer Jake Southers says.

Brought to you by our good friends over at Androidswag.  AndroidSwag is my personal supplier for 99% of my shirts (I’m not joking, either), but they are also the sole retailer of the now famous Android Beanie as well as many of the best Android well, Swag, there is.  Such industry heavyweights like Kim Titus of Samsung, Bruce from GetJar, and Russell Holly from every damn Android blog known to man, have been seen wearing their products.  Check ‘em out.

Playstation Phone caught on video again, no blurrycam this time around


The last time we got a sneak peak at the Playstation phone, it came courtesy of good ol’ Mr. Blurry cam. That of course left some folks out there still questioning it’s existence and still feeling a little skeptical about the whole thing. Alas, another video has now popped up showing off the device rather vividly. All hail Zeus for this one, it’s nice.

Not much has changed in that time; the device is still rather thick and still appears to be running Gingerbread. But, if you look carefully you can now see the Playstation icon on the device itself which, for most should leave you with no doubt about it’s ability to run Playstation games. When will we see it? Not sure really but CES is upon us. [Engadget]

Unrevoked 3.22 Released, Roots Droid Incredible Again



When the HTC Droid Incredible received a recent firmware update, Unrevoked support for pain-free root was lost. We knew the Unrevoked team was hard at work bringing the app back up to speed to meet the latest software version for the Incredible, and the fruit of their labor is here. Unrevoked 3.22 brings root back to the DI, at least until the next update breaks it again, that is.

[via DroidLife]

Sorry Galaxy S Users, 2.2 Delayed in the UK Again


The UK users were supposed to see a FOTA to their Galaxy S devices yesterday to bring them up to Android 2.2. We all saw and read the updated post in the forums from Barry stating it was going to come via FOTA December 1st or KIES the following day, however it looks like that never happened. Take a look at the statement that went out about this disaster earlier today.

Hi folks
I’ve been talking to the handset team and the Samsung people today and the latest news is as follows. Unfortunately the 2.2 update will not be available via KIES today as expected and Samsung have confirmed that FOTA will not feature as part of this update, but should appear at a later date. Samsung are indicating the firmware will be made available at some point next week. We’ll keep you posted with further updates as we get them.

At this point I’m not sure if 2.2 will ever really happen. It seems Samsung is good at getting their users excited about finally getting it, then leave it hanging longer.

How do you feel about Samsung delaying the FOTA update? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Androidguys

Quick Look: Grill Guide, Don’t Fear the Grill Again


The Grill Guide application has saved me more than one time from an utterly failed attempt at grilling a steak. My wife can vouch for my amazing cooking skills in the kitchen. She will also tell you that if I am near a grill and doing anything but hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken she won’t eat it. If anyone out there seems to have issues with the grill then this application is for you.

The application’s UI is really easy and not complicated by any means. The main screen gives you your primary choices of meat types and vegetables.  Once you select your meat type you can select the type of cut or size of the meat and away you go grilling. It really is that easy. I have now perfected grilling a steak to the juicy goodness of medium, just like I’d order it if I went out. Give this app a whirl if you really wish you could grill.

Application: Grill Guide

Developer: Relmtech

Price: FREE

Ability to cook a stupid steak correctly: PRICELESS

Grill Guide


LG Star shows itself on camera, once Again


The purported high-end Android phone pecked for release at the beginning of 2011, now known as the LG Star, showed up for a photo-op yesterday with full UI in-tow, showing us it’s muscles!

The device in the pictures is shown as running Android 2.2 (Froyo) with an HDMI port, a Quadrant score of 1759 (which beats the stock Nexus One and HTC EVO with 2.2), and that oh-so-sweet NVIDIA Tegra 2! The pictures also show that the Star looks to be running a variant of LG’s own Android skin.

The owner of the device claims to have two in his possession and has been showing them off by posting pictures over at the Phandroid forums.

With the three new LG devices that have leaked out; this one, the LU3000, and an unnamed LTE device for Verizon, it seems that LG might become a major player in the Android device game next year!

What do you guys think? Do you think LG has the power to become a major player in the large game of Android device manufactures like HTC or Motorola? Let us know how you feel in the comments!

Source: Phandroid via Engadget

Samsung I9020T Hits FCC Again with Different Antennas

It looks like the Nexus S, also known as the Samsung I9020T, has made an encore appearance at the FCC. It seems that some changes have been made to the two antennas which have since been replaced with a new Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna and a new GPS antenna.

We’re unsure of this issues that sparked the swap, but at least someone noticed an issue before launch unlike the ongoing GPS issue currently plaguing Samsung Galaxy S phones while it anxiously awaits its update to Android 2.2.

Via: Engadget