September 9, 2010

Motorola Droid 2 Ad Takes Another Jab at Apple

Just before the launch of the Motorola Droid X, Motorola took out a full page ad in the New York Times to poke fun at Apple’s “antennagate” issue and today Motorola comes out swinging with another ad mocking the Apple iPhone.

Motorola has done it again as they’re showing off their latest device, the Motorola Droid 2 which is flash enabled. The very last line of the add says:

It’s compromise-free web browsing. The way it should be.

It looks like we can chalk up 2 for Motorola and 0 for Apple.

Via: Phandroid

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad


With the Galaxy Tab unveiling today, many of you are curious to know how the Galaxy Tab matches up to the “magical” Apple iPad. Thanks to Wirefly, they have everything lined up in the image above in a quick cross-referencing format. The iPad is larger than the Galaxy S, but the 7″ Galaxy Tab offers a much more realistic experience in mobility. You can learn more about how these devices match up in a nice little write up from our friends at Wirefly. Below we have a video courtesy of TheDroidGuy, who shows us a little more of the Galaxy Tab and does a brief physical comparison the the 10″ Apple iPad. Enjoy!

Via: Wirefly, TheDroidGuy

Bloomberg: Apple readying 99-cent TV show rentals

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is in “advanced talks” with News Corp., CBS Corp., and Walt Disney Co. to allow iTunes users to rent their programming for 99-cents an episode. The report reads: “The content deals would give Apple users access to some of the most-watched shows on TV and increase the appeal of its devices [...] Added programming also would build on iTunes’ role as the biggest retailer of music and mobile applications, and help Apple ward off companies like Netflix Inc. and Inc., which offer their own online video services.” The move is being billed as “smart” by RBC Capital analyst David Bank, who states that rental service opens new opportunities without upsetting the “existing ecosystem.” The idea of a la carte TV does sound appealing… although we would miss live sports. What do you think? Could you replace your cable service with a per show type system, or would you miss surfing all 800 channels?


Apple adds “Try Before You Buy” to App Store… sort of

We were surprised to see the heading “Try Before You Buy” when browsing the Apple App Store on one of our iPhones, but after a bit more investigation… we stopped being surprised. The new try before you buy feature is actually a collection of applications that have both a “lite” and paid version available in the App Store. If a developer makes an application that is paid-only, like TomTom Navigation for example, there is no way to try that $40 application without buying it. Hopefully, Apple gets around to implementing a real try before you buy type system sooner rather than later.


Apple moving through iPad, iPhone 4 waiting lists? Could sell 1,000,000 devices


One of our Apple sources has been communicating some internal Apple information to us, and from what we’ve been told, this weekend could be big. Currently, if you go to an Apple retail store and can’t find an iPad or iPhone 4, Apple will offer the ability to reserve one for you. These are “Priority Lists” and contain your name and information in addition to the specific device and configuration you want. These lists allow Apple to determine how to manage their channel inventory or possibly ramp up on production. Here’s the big news we’ve been told… Apple is apparently incredibly interested in clearing out these waiting lists, and if our tipster is correct, they’re aiming to do it by this weekend. We have been told that stores have lists that could be anywhere from 500 to 1500 or more customers waiting for iPhones, and anywhere from 250 to 750 customers waiting for iPads. Apparently all Apple stores have asked employees for an “all hands on deck” approach this weekend, somewhat similar to that of Apple product launch days. We have even been informed that Apple stores might open early on Sunday to accommodate extra traffic. Lastly, our source let us know that clearing out these lists could result in the sale of up to an additional 500,000 to 1,000,000 iOS devices in just a few short days.

Thanks, Lindsey S.!