May 15, 2011

Google Offers BETA – Get HUGE Savings in Your City


It looks like Google just keeps making our lives even better and easier. If you happen to love saving money, and I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t, the latest BETA from Google is worth your time. It is called Google offers BETA and has Portland Oregon as it’s first major city for its release. With many more cities in line such as New York, San Fransico and Oakland. Google is working with some of the best local retailers and restaurants to offer you up to 50% savings on meals, books … [Read more...]

Google Music Beta Website is Live!


The much anticipated Google music service is finally making its way to our hands, sort of. This morning Google launched its beta website for everyone to request an invitation. We are not sure how long it will take for your invitation to be approved or sent out, but it still worth signing up for. To give everyone that doesn’t know what we have all been waiting for, here is the skinny. Essential Google music will be a streaming service for your music. You will be able to upload your current … [Read more...]

Viber Brings Its Free Calling and Messaging App to Android, Beta Testers Wanted


Viber is in the process of bringing their free calling and messaging app to Android, and they are seeking 500 beta testers to help them out. The app has, up until now, been an iPhone exclusive, but soon enough Android users will be able to experience the joys of free 3G and Wi-Fi voice calls and messaging. The Android version even gets a few features its iOS counterpart has lacked, including pop-up text message notifications and better integration with the phones messaging and call logs. If … [Read more...]

[Game] Anagram Online Beta


Remember the days of sitting around a table playing scrabble and other various word game with your friends? How would you like to continue that same tradition with those same friends where ever you happen to be? Anagram Online may be just that game to do that. This new word puzzle game pits you against fellow players in a race to see who can spell the best word given the random nine letters given. Online play is complete with ranking showing the best puzzle solvers to date. Besides submitting … [Read more...]

LauncherPro Widget Skins Support Goes Into Beta


Good ol’ Federico Carnales – developer of LauncherPro – has just announced that support for applying custom skins to widgets would eventually make its way to the launcher replacement. He’s already made the beta available and has published Eclipse sample files for skin makers to get their feet wet before he’s ready to release the final version. Head on over to the LauncherPro forums for more details on how you themers can download everything you need and get started making LauncherPro … [Read more...]

Fring Beta Bringing 4-Way Group Video Calling [Video]


The folks at Fring have made even more significant advances to their instant messaging, VoIP, and video-calling client. The folks there have today announced an update that will allow users to participate in 4-way video calls between Android and iOS devices – this is something a lot of folks have been waiting for. They’ll introduced the feature at an astonishing price of $ 0 for those who wish to take part. Unfortunately, things are only in beta right now and they’ve only invited a … [Read more...]

MIUI Weather Beta Brings You Weather Widgets in a Beautiful Package


The folks behind MIUI have created an application that lightly mimics the beautiful iOS-esque ROM. MIUI Weather has hit beta and is available as a free download to anyone who’ll dare venture off to XDA. You’re fed your weather with beautiful graphics and animations depending on what’s going on outside, and geo-location is supported. (But you’ll have to install separate APKs depending on which region you’re in.) Let’s hope they bring more of what makes MIUI great to all users in … [Read more...]

Tower Raiders 2 Beta in the Android Market


I just learned about a game called Tower Raiders – another tower defense game. This one is pretty good, and although I’ve only had a limited amount of time with the beta version of the sequel, it made me want to go and dig out the original. It might have that effect on you, too. And if you already know about Tower Raiders, why didn’t you heartless souls tell any of us about it sooner? I suggest all tower defense fans check it out now in the Android market. via [Android Police], Android … [Read more...]

CyanogenMod 7 Public Beta Available for Galaxy Tab


Have CyanogenMod on your phone? Want it on your Galaxy Tab? Well XDA user Technomancer has a public beta currently available of his CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread port for the Galaxy Tab. While still a work in progress, most basic functions are working. Having updated it 3 times since it’s first beta release, January 28,  it’s clear he’s working on making it a bit more stable. This is a beta build of CyanogenMod 7 gingerbread by Technomancer TCMAN-dmg on and … [Read more...]

New Firefox 4 Beta for Android Promises Huge Speed Improvements


The good folks at Mozilla just chimed in to inform us of a new beta release (4) of Firefox 4 for Android Beta. They’ve been hammering away at the app ever since Google released the Android NDK, and while it’s been more of a diamond in the rough, you have to expect that they’ll get it up to speed soon enough. They’re touting speed improvements across the board: not only have they promised increased application performance (particularly in the neighborhoods of panning and zooming), but … [Read more...]

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