April 22, 2012

CEO Larry Page Says Google Is Focused On Low-Priced Android Tablets – Confirms Nexus Tab?


  Earlier today Google had their quarterly earnings call in which they reported better than expected revenue. The Big G managed to rake in a cool $ 10.65 billion, with a net income around $ 2.89 billion and a $ 50 billion cash pile for use in acquisitions. But it wasn’t all dollars and cents. During the earnings call, CEO Larry page might have let the cat out of the bag, confirming suspicions that Google would be releasing a low-cost, affordable Android tab for the masses. Page said … [Read more...]

Cinemagram Developer Confirms Android Version In The Works, Awesome GIF Creation Coming Your Way


Instagram is so yesterday's news. If you're a fan of pictures with a little more life and movement, the folks at Cinemagram might have just the thing for you. Currently available on iOS, Cinemagram lets you create a fascinating hybrid of still images and video as an animated GIF right on a phone. One user that was quite taken with what he saw reached out to the developer, and got some good news back: the Cinemagram team is actively working on an Android port.    This isn't the kind of app … [Read more...]

Asus confirms provision of GPS dongles to Transformer Prime users


  If your Asus Transformer Prime tablet is one of those affected by the GPS issues, we’ve got some good news for you: Asus has confirmed to AllThingsD that they will be providing users with GPS dongles to alleviate the issue. More details on the program will come in on April 16th, when the manufacturer will open up a sign-up page. Whether or not the dongle will be free is still doubtful, but I’d be surprised if they charge for it considering the poor reception the tablet got … [Read more...]

HTC’s Unaudited Q1’12 Financial Report Confirms Brand Was Getting Stale


It wasn’t too long ago that HTC admitted they were going about things the wrong way in the smartphone game, and it was even sooner that they did something about it. The Taiwanese company released its unaudited Q1 2012 earnings report today, and things just aren’t looking good. The report shows that HTC took sharp hits in both revenue and net income compared to the same quarter last year. Their total revenue was down 35% from $ 3.5 billion in Q1 2011 to $ 2.3 billion last quarter. More … [Read more...]

Sprint rep confirms LTE data will remain unlimited


Though there has been no specific announcement detailing the launch of Sprint’s 4G LTE network, its first compatible device was announced for pre-order earlier today. The LG Viper 4G LTE looks to take full advantage of the network technology taking over in place of Sprint’s previous WiMAX coverage, but will the associated data plans be subject to an overhaul? Apparently not, according to Sprint rep Nichole Cappitelli. Speaking to TechHog, Cappitelli confirmed that LTE data plans would still … [Read more...]

O2 UK confirms HTC One X to land on April 5th


The new HTC One line of devices has sure made head lines across the web. After HTC flooding the market last year with new devices, it seems they have finally settled on a line to run as the flagship for 2012. The One X being the high-end version of the device line, is slated to land in many locales across the globe soon. Thanks to a tweet with O2, we now know that they plan to have the device available for consumers April 5th. What makes the international One X so appealing? Maybe it is the … [Read more...]

Battery door availability all but confirms white Galaxy Nexus for Verizon


  A replacement parts supplier has a few white Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE battery doors up for auction at eBay, further confirming rumors of a colorless variant of the phone headed for Verizon. The latest whispers suggest the new model will launch with 16GB of onboard storage, which could coincide with separate reports for a 16GB Nexus landing at Big Red on April 5th. Before we get too excited, the back covers being sold are far from official. There is always some chance that a third-party … [Read more...]

AT&T announces Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox, confirms Android 4.0 for HTC Vivid


Recently, AT&T proudly confirmed that they will be launching the HTC One X exclusively in USA, which is HTC's first ever quad-core device featuring ICS and Sense 4.0. One of the features that stands out for the device is that it comes with Beats Audio integration, an enhanced audio experience.  Now AT&T is extending their accessories lineup by adding some Beats Audio goodies. They have officially announced that they will launch the Dr. Dre Beatbox on March 11 for $ 399, which is a … [Read more...]

ASUS confirms PadFone release to come in April


  The ASUS PadFone may have taken some time to come around, after being announced over a year ago, for the first time. The trio surely managed to still get a good impression, though, as it is one of the most unique devices we saw at Mobile World Congress. But there has been no details about availability until today. According to ASUS’ official Google+ account, the PadFone will be released in April (mentioned in the comments). And while there are still no details on pricing and … [Read more...]

Google All But Confirms Android’s Next Firmware Name – Bowl Of Jelly Beans Given To MWC Attendees


  For as long as we’ve been calling it Jelly Bean, it’s hard to believe that the codename for the next version of Android has never been confirmed by Google HQ. It was all the way back in September of ’11 that we told you guys that Jelly Bean was in the running for the next version of Android and given there aren’t very many “J” desserts to go off of, Jell Bean seemed a likely fit. Now, during Mobile World Congress 2012, it looks like that name has all been but confirmed with … [Read more...]

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