June 16, 2011

Sprint Sends Email Dangling EVO 3D in Front of Our Faces, Still No Release Date


  Sprint might not be ready to give up the release date of the HTC EVO 3D, but they don’t mind teasing us with the handset and a “coming soon” tag. An email has been sent out to stir up even more anticipation for the glasses-free #D smartphone. Front and center is the 3D gaming capabilities (you’ll see Spider-Man Total Mayhem comes preloaded), which should offer a great experience on the 4.3-inch qHD display, but might do a number on battery life. Did we mention there still is no … [Read more...]

Rough Launch Date For Evo 3D Finally Leaks Online


Well, lookie here… Thanks to one of my Twitter followers, I came across this little gem over on the XDA forums. Looks like the user ranmasaotome510 has managed to stumble upon an internal email from Radio Shack listing the Evo 3D with a “rough launch date” of June 4th. Could it be true? Until now, we’ve seen nothing but the occasional print ad in men’s magazines and HTC has been tight lipped on any kind of expected launch date. This is the first leak we’ve seen that finally gives … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid X2 Misses Rumored Release Date, Dummy Units Arrive at Costco


The Motorola Droid X2 was rumored to be hitting shelves today along with the LG Revolution, but the day is winding down and no word has come in from Verizon. It seems the Samsung Droid Charge delay had some impact on the push back of the X2, with Verizon’s May lineup looking pretty crowded. Nevertheless, dummy units have started arriving at Costco stores in preparation for the eventual launch. The Droid X2 is set to be Verizon’s first dual-core Android handset, though it leaves out a 4G LTE … [Read more...]

Google Outs The HTC Sensation With A June 8th Release Date?


An interesting tip regarding a potential release date of the HTC Sensation just came our way courtesy of our friends at T-Mo News. They’re reporting that for some individuals (I tried it and got nothing), doing a simple Google search for “HTC Sensation” brings up a Google ad showing a June 8th release date and a link to the official site for the phone. HTC and T-Mobile have remained tight lipped on the actual launch date of the Sensation ever since showing off the phone at an event held … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Official UK Release Date of May 1st… Sort Of


I can’t tell you how many news articles I’ve read of new release dates for Samsung’s Galaxy S II. First its been delayed, then its not, then it came out last week, then it didn’t. Its enough to drive someone mad! It reminds me of this song  my sister used to play, “First you’re hot then you’re cold. Yes then you’re no.” Well, apparently we’ve finally gotten the official word from Samsung that they are planning to launch their newest flagship phone May 1st. You may now … [Read more...]

Rogers Confirms April 28th Release Date for Xperia Play and Arc


Rogers, with special guest Sony Ericsson, hosted a launch party tonight in Canada where they showed off their upcoming Sony’s Xperia Play and Arc smartphones. During the festivities, Peter Farmer of Sony Ericsson took the stage and officially announced an April 28th launch date for Rogers Canada. So, if you’re currently with Rogers you can look forward to some real gaming on-the-go and Sony’s unlocked bootloader goodness. Aye.   [Via MobileSyrup], Android Phone Fans … [Read more...]

Vanity Page for HTC EVO 3D Showing “Requested Launch Date of 4/11/2011″ [Mysteries]


Is something about to go down on April 11th regarding Sprint’s newly-announced HTC EVO 3D This mysterious page on Sprint website suggests as much, anyway. One user – just spinning around the interwebz as we all do – somehow came across this “URL Request Tool” that displays the following message: The vanity request identified as “www.sprint.com/evo3d” is confidential until after the requested launch date of: 04/11/2011 Requested launch date of what, Sprint? Surely it can’t be … [Read more...]

RadioShack Announces Release Date for Sidekick 4G


Are you ready Sidekick fans? RadioShack announced the availability of the newest edition to T-Mobile’s iconic social device, the Sidekick 4G. RadioShack tweeted that the new Sidekick 4G would arrive in stores April 20th. T-Mobile has yet to mention a release date, however as you can guess if RadioShack is releasing it will probably be announced for T-Mobile stores as well.   The new Sidekick 4G will be available for $ 99 with a new two year contract and unlimited data plan. If you … [Read more...]

RadioShack Posts April 20th Launch Date for T-Mobile Sidekick 4G; G2x and G-Slate to Follow?


Well, well, well. What’s this we’re hearing about an April 20th launch date for the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G T-Mobile already gave us a good look at pricing, but that wasn’t enough for RadioShack – the retailer took to twitter to confirm earlier suspicions of ours. We first heard that the T-Mobile G2X and the LG G-Slate would be launched April 20th but had no concrete evidence to support that. The fact that a major retailer outed this date for an entirely different phone makes us hopeful … [Read more...]

As We Approach XOOM WiFi’s Launch Date, One Lucky Customer Got His Early From Staples


The Motorola XOOM WiFi is slated to launch at major retailers this Sunday, but one lucky reader of Droid-Life’s got his in the mail already. He pre-ordered his from Staples but did it over the phone instead of at the retailer’s website. This sometimes happens when you preorder devices with telecoms over the phone, too. We’re really just reporting this story to let you folks know how jealous we are. Oh, and we want to know if any of you end up getting yours a bit early, too. Let us know … [Read more...]

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