May 1, 2012

New patent reveals Google design for slide-out, QWERTY style phone


Google's designs for their prized Nexus line (Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus) have all followed the standard candybar-style. However, the latest from the rumor mill (or patent mill, as it were) is layouts for a slide out, QWERTY style device. We here at AndroidGuys are reminded of the HTC Dream, the original Android handset, in these pictures. There are several different slide out mechanism plans, including a scissor-hinge, sprint & stabilizing link, as well as a serpentine … [Read more...]

Original Xperia Play design had additional QWERTY slider, could have been a Nexus


Rumors of a “PlayStation Phone” eventually panned out in the form of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but the gaming handset we were left with could have turned out much differently. New information is coming to light from several sources that reveals Google’s desire to launch the phone as an Android 2.3 flagship along with a unique form factor that never came to fruition. A US patent application has surfaced showing an early concept for a phone with two sliders, one a gamepad and the … [Read more...]

Rumor: HTC EVO Design 4G coming to Boost Mobile by quarter’s end


  High-end Android devices are mostly snatched by the 4 major carriers. This usually leads to regional carrier subscribers having to conform to using low-to-mid-end devices. But with Android smartphones constantly improving, some good alternatives have been showing up for those who prefer affordability. And if this rumor happens to be true, Boost Mobile could be getting the HTC EVO Design 4G by the end of the quarter. Granted, it is not the best phone out there. But it sure would be … [Read more...]

Boost Mobile to offer Android 4.0-powered Evo Design 4G


Boost Mobile is set to offer a variant of the EVO Design 4G, according to details uncovered by Pocketnow.  Like the Sprint version of the handset, the no-contract model will feature a 960x540qHD display, 1.2GHz CPU, 768MB RAM, a 5-megapixel camera, and 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. Where things differ, however, comes in the form of the platform powering the smartphone.  Pocketnow advises that Boost Mobile's iteration will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.  As to pricing and … [Read more...]

Android Design Guidelines Updated for Settings, App Navigation


Google’s added a couple new tidbits to the Android Design Guidelines website to help developers design and develop their apps with best practices in mind for Android 4.0. New content includes tips on how to setup your settings and preferences menu, as well as how you should allow users to navigate your OS from launching it via a widget on the homescreen, within your app or via notifications. Users can read through this content if they’re interested, but this one’s mainly for the … [Read more...]

HTC Helps Viewers “Get To Know” The EVO 4G LTE From Design To Manufacturing In New Video


  In a fascinating new video titled "Get to know the HTC EVO 4G LTE," HTC explains the ins and outs of Sprint's One X variant, from the conceptualization of its design, to decisions surrounding build quality, materials, and a pretty interesting explanation of the new EVO's soft-touch unibody form. Senior Director of Advanced Materials Chris Porter details the EVO's soft-touch feel in the video, explaining that the device has a "warm, velvety, soft-touch feel as opposed to a harder, … [Read more...]

Samsung Hopes To Design A Smartphone To “Define Our Time” – Will This Be The Galaxy S III?


When leaked images of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S III surfaced these past few days, the general consensus from Android fans across the globe was that of disbelief. But not because the design was so original, so beautiful — quite the opposite really. Design-wise, the supposed “leaked Samsung Galaxy S III” looked stale, old and uninspired. This lead many to dismiss the device as nothing more than a Galaxy S II variant. Samsung’s design team doesn’t exactly have the best track record … [Read more...]

Eldar Murtazin: GSIII design finalized, everyone wants a piece of the pie


With all the rumors about the next flagship member of Samsung's popular Galaxy line, the lines between reality and fantasy, at times, become blurred as our desire for something bigger, faster, and more powerful outweighs any thought of overall practicality. But according to Eldar Murtazin, the design is finalized, and EVERY carrier wants as many as they can get their hands on. His tweet, shown below, is evidence to that. Other news of the SIII from Murtazin puts the device in a league all its … [Read more...]

HTC One S Gets Fried With 10,000 Volts of Electricity For Durability And Design


  Back when the HTC One S was first announced, HTC mentioned a little something on the unique process that went into creating the device’s durable, ceramic-like unibody skin. Described as “micro-arc oxidation,” some of this process was shown in their wrap up video and now, they’ve decided to highlight this little known “feature” of the device, and give us a little more back story with the some of the designers who helped make this possible. Micro-arc oxidation starts off … [Read more...]

MetaQuotes, MegaTrader5 stock market trading updated with charts and new tablet design


MegaTrader5, originally released in October 2011 gave anyone with an Android device the capability to trade on financial markets, watch out for quotes in real time and view the history of performed deals. Further development on the Android platform is bringing new possibilities which assist in connecting to brokers online and manage your quotes and history. As a result, the users of MetaTrader 5 for Android have received the charts and the application itself has been optimized for your favorite … [Read more...]

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