July 28, 2011

Blu-ray Digital Download Copy Comes To Android This Fall Thanks To 20th Century Fox


  Ever bought a Blu-ray movie and noticed how most of them come with that “Digital Copy” for downloading to your Apple iPhone or iPod? If you just so happen to be an Android fanboy and a movie buff, you might have been feeling a little left out of the mix. Apparently, movie studios have a hard time trusting Android’s DRM system and it’s made them a little nervous when it came to publishing digital copies for our beloved OS. But don’t worry, because it looks like the tides may … [Read more...]

Cracked Flash Player 10.1 App Works On Previously Incompatible Devices – [Download]


  Does your Market app not display Flash Player 10.1 for your device? It’s for you, my Android brethren, who own some of the… less powerful Android devices, that I now bring this to you. Back when Flash Player 10.1 was announced for Android, a lot of you probably noticed that it wasn’t made available for devices powered by ARMv6 line of processors. Well, I came across this thread on XDA where some Chinese developers were able to crack the Flash Player 10.1 app and made it … [Read more...]

Come And Get ‘Em! Samsung Galaxy S II Live Wallpapers [Download]


    Thanks to my friend, HTCClay on Twitter, I managed to come across these awesome Live Wallpapers extracted from the Samsung Galaxy S II. While, this may be old news for some, I never knew these existed and they’re currently working great on my Evo 3D. I’m sure these wont excite current GSII owners, but those of us that have been drooling over the handset to come stateside will welcome these LWP with open arms. Here’s a quick video showcasing them. So far they seem to be … [Read more...]

Hacked Skype 2.0 Comes With Even More Device Compatibility – Download Here


  Yesterday, we notified you guys about the new version of Skype 2.0 that allowed video calls over WiFi and 3G/4G. But to many an Android user’s dismay, the new app only officially supported a handful of devices. Google  Nexus S HTC Desire S Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro to be exact. Well, if you were dying to give the app a spin with your front facing camera equipped Android device, this may be your golden opportunity. Thankfully, Pulser over on the XDA … [Read more...]

New SwiftKey Beta Available for Download


  SwiftKey beta users, check your inboxes – we think there’s an updated .APK file in there for you. Both tablet and phone users will be receiving update love today. These look like some pretty important an desirable changes  and bug fixes so I’d make no delay in downloading and installing it. Look below for changelogs for both device types. Happy typing! Tablet changelog: New features: - installer and setting UIs; - reworked large portrait and landscape layouts; - addition … [Read more...]

Want an App But Don’t Want to Grant it Certain Permissions? Download the New CM7 Nightly


  Far too often, we hear of users refusing to install or update an application because some permissions it asks for are invasive and fishy. We hear you – there have been more than enough malware scares to have us concerned. But those of you using CyanogenMod 7 are set to get a very andy tool pretty soon – the ability to revoke specific permissions from an application. Don’t want a certain application to have access to the net? Axe its ability to do just that. The process is … [Read more...]

Download: Federico Carnales Working on Windows Phone 7-ish Music App


The latest update from Federico Carnales isn’t about LauncherPro, surprisingly. We’ve just learned that the famed developer is working on his own music application right now. It’s tentatively named “Fede Music”, but this is an early alpha build of the application and that could always change. And more than the name could change, so could the features. We’re not sure how Federico’s treating this project – as a main focus or just a side gig to take a break from LauncherPro … [Read more...]

Download: LavaGlo [Lava Lamp Live Wallpaper]


Itching to take a trip back to the 1970s? While a time machine is far outside of our realm of possibilities, timeless trinkets, gizmos, gadgets and antiques do well to remind us of old times. And in this day and age, with everything being digital, we can simulate most things. All you lava lamp fans might like this live wallpaper called LavaGlo. It’s simple, really. Change the color to whatever you’d like and you’re greeted to the sweet memories of the 70s as soon as you turn your phone … [Read more...]

Download: LG Revolution User Guide


Just as soon as the LG Revolution got a rumored launch date of May 26th, this user guide has found its way into the hands of Droid-Life. Yep, it’s still Bing’d. And you had to guess Netflix would still be supported. Everything else is as you’d expect, though – it’s a 4G LTE device, has LG’s custom user interface, will have a special battery door for wireless charging and everything else you’ve already known since CES. If you need some reading material to put you to sleep tonight, … [Read more...]

Download: Try Out the Dolphin HD 5 Beta


The folks at Dolphin have been hard at work on the next iteration of their popular Android browser, but only a select group of people were able to get their hands on the latest up until this point. They’ve announced a public beta for version 5.0, though. Changes may not seem significant on the surface, but things such as sub-folder support in bookmarks make it quite the desirable upgrade for me. (And many others, I’m sure.) Find more details on what’s new and a download link over at … [Read more...]

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