April 19, 2012

New Game: Death Rally Is Bringing Its Trademark Face-Melting, Metal-Crunching, Track-Exploding Action To Android, Available In Canada Now, Globally In March


  Update:  Looks like Remedy made good on its promise to release the game globally, albeit a bit later than anticipated. Either way, go ahead and hit the widget, international users, you can have it now. iOS got a head start in the mobile gaming arena, but as Android has skyrocketed to the world's most popular mobile OS, game developers have been migrating their hits to Google's platform. Now Death Rally is throwing its top-tier, top-down racer into the Android ring. The high-octane, … [Read more...]

Hexage, Creator Of Hit Game Radiant, Releases Radiant Defense, A Tower Defense Game In The Same Universe


Back in the day, Android games sucked. There were so few of them and the quality of most games was so awful that it was hardly worth playing. In those days, Radiant was a beacon of light in a cold, dark Market. It may be too soon for nostalgia, but color us excited when we saw Radiant Defense on the Play Store. Yes, it's a tower defense game. Yes, you're probably sick of the genre. Thankfully, Hexage at least put in some effort to change up the gameplay to make things interesting. In addition … [Read more...]

Demolition Inc. THD Brings Destructive Physics To Tegra Devices In One Massive Download


After wrecking Earth on the PC last year and teasing us back in February, Demolition Inc. has arrived on Android by way of Nvidia's Tegra Zone. That means you're going to need a Tegra 2 or 3 device to enjoy the detailed graphics and realistic physics in this action/strategy title, at least for now.       The game is essentially a well-implemented physics simulator that has you taking a city apart piece by piece so its raw materials can be harvested. You see, Mike the UFO-driving … [Read more...]

Galaxy Pool – The next big smash hit on Android


In the realm of gaming on Android one can name a few that always stand out. Angry Birds, Game Dev story, Temple Run, Super Stickman Golf and ShadowGun are the ones I always recommend to new friends or new users. Now I am going to have to add Galaxy Pool to my list of must have games. Galaxy Pool is the latest game from indie developer IT-EO. The rules are simple,  guide the little space alien and his ship to the planet. To do this you need to readjust the angles of the on screen bumpers … [Read more...]

Hexage’s Upcoming Game, Radiant Defense, Is Of Tower Defense Genre, But You Will Want To Play It Anyway [Video]


I know, I know, who wants to hear about yet another tower defense game? Actually, I do - I still find this genre to be one of the most enjoyable on a mobile device and pretty much the only one that can keep me interested for longer than a day (I've been playing Com2uS' Tower Defens: Lost Earth nonstop for the last few days). And you might too, when you see the video of Hexage's upcoming title, Radiant Defense. Remember the magical feel of Radiant, Robotek, and EVAC - the other popular … [Read more...]

Battle Squadron ONE Is A Two-Player Split-Screen Shooter On Android


Mobile gaming is really great. It's just that it can be such a solitary experience as you're hunched over your device, the light casting an unattractive pallor on your face. But don't worry; the classic Amiga shooter Battle Squadron ONE from Cope-Com just landed in the Google Play Store, and it aims to make your gaming sessions a more social experience. In Battle Squadron ONE, two players can take the fight to enemy forces in a top-down scrolling shooter. Each player sits facing the other, … [Read more...]

Cafeteria Nipponica lands from Kairosoft


Kairosoft is a name all of you should recognize. They have put out some the best and most addictive games we have ever player. A few of the titles you may already enjoy are games like Game Dev Story, Pocket League Story, Dungeon Village and World Cruise story. The game play in all of their games is pretty similar. What sets each one apart is the theme. If you want to build a winning soccer team, take your racing team to victory or build a town designed to help adventurers fight monsters, … [Read more...]

Cytus Comes To Android From iOS, Actually Makes Music Rhythm-Style Games Appealing On Touch Devices


  We've all played some sort of music rhythm game before - be it Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or Tap Tap Revenge. While only one of those was actually meant to be played on a touchscreen device, it still left something to be desired. Enter a new music rhythm game that not only looks fantastic, but actually makes sense to play: Cytus.    Cytus was originally for iOS devices and has now made its way to Android. In all honestly, it's extremely difficult to explain in text, so here's an … [Read more...]

Tower Defense: Lost Earth from Com2uS Is A Beautiful Game In A Crowded Field


You may be familiar with Com2uS from popular titles like Homerun Battle 3D and Slice It. Well, the developer's newest effort comes into a genre that is already more than adequately represented with Tower Defense: Lost Earth. This game is free to download, but as most of Com2uS' games lately have, it relies on in-app purchases to milk you for cash over time. You're probably familiar with the idea of a tower defense game. If not, it seems unlikely you'd be reading this. In Tower Defense: Lost … [Read more...]

Kairosoft’s Cafeteria Nipponica Hits The Play Store – Micromanage Your Own Restaurant Like Never Before


  Kairosoft, makers of the wildly popular Game Dev Story (and a ton of other "Story" games), released Cafeteria Nipponica to the Play Store today, bringing a familiar art style and gameplay format back once again, but this time in a restaurant. The game poses players as "chef de cuisine" at their very own restaurant, allowing for total control over every detail from tables to TVs to menus, ingredients, salary negotiation, dish development, and much more.    Like in Kairosoft's … [Read more...]

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