December 31, 2011

Verizon Gives Us Insight Into What’s Going On With These December LTE Outages


  This month, Verizon and their consumers have suffered through three different LTE outages, one lasting as long as half a day. Up until now we haven’t really gotten word from Verizon regarding what exactly is going on, just quick statements from them confirming there were outages and that service is restored. After the third time we understand many people wanted to know why this was happening. After all, we’re hoping that this won’t be a recurring theme. Verizon’s VP of … [Read more...]

Myriad Alien Vue Gives Access to Google TV Apps without the Google TV Hardware


  Myriad is bringing their Alien Dalvik concept to the living room with the introduction of Alien Vue. Alien Dalvik is a software emulator that allows non-Android devices such as the iPhone to run applications designed for the Android ecosystem. Alien Vue takes the next step, giving TV service providers and manufacturers the ability to run apps built for Google TV and HTML5 on already existing hardware. While it won’t enable the a full Google TV-like experience, Myriad will offer its … [Read more...]

Samsung Gives Early ICS Roadmap, Includes Galaxy S II & Galaxy Note for Q1 2012


  Samsung’s not keeping quiet on their plans to upgrade some of their consumers to the latest and greatest version of Android. They’ve already committed to an early roadmap that should see most of their dual-core devices getting the upgrade. Starting out, the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II are expected to receive their upgrades in Q1 2012. Unbranded versions will likely meet this deadline but it may take longer for carriers who control software updates (a majority of the … [Read more...]

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Vehicle Dock Lacks 3-Pin Connector – What Gives?


  If you were looking to cruise in style and outfit you new brand new Verizon Galaxy Nexus with the official Samsung vehicle dock, you may want to hold that thought. Apparently, the American/Verizon version of the car dock (pictured above) is without the three-pin connectors you see in the UK/GSM version of the dock (pictured below). Not sure exactly what’s up but if you want the higher quality — and better featured vehicle dock — from the UK, you’re going to have to pay a … [Read more...]

Verizon gives 11 new markets reason to buy a Galaxy Nexus – 4G LTE rolling out today


Today will be a truly lucky day for Verizon customers living in any of the below cities: Dover, DE Lafayette, IN Fitchburg/Leominster, MA Duluth, MN The Rochester Area, MN St. Cloud, MN Manchester/Nashua, NH Poughkeepsie, NY Findlay/Tiffin, OH Youngstown/Warren, OH Indiana, PN If you live in one of these markets, not only should you be able to get your hands on a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but you'll now be able to take full advantage of its blazing fast 4G radio. … [Read more...]

Bell Gives Rough Timeline for Android 4.0 Upgrades


  With one Android 4.0 device already in their lineup, Bell is looking to to upgrade a handful of their top tier devices to Ice Cream Sandwich. The eventual roll out of the new OS ultimately will be dictated by the speed at which manufacturers can get an update prepared, but Bell is already looking at some rough estimates of when to expect the latest version of Android. The HTC Sensation is on track for a February 2012 bump up to Android 4.0, while the HTC Raider looks to get its own … [Read more...]

MobilFun Gives Us a First Look at Galaxy Nexus Docks


  Those dock connectors on the sides of the Galaxy Nexus looked promising, but ever since the device was revealed we really haven’t gotten much of a clue as to what kind of docks or other accessories we’d be able to use.   Retailer MobilFun has revealed a smorgasbord of images and videos showcasing the docks. We have horizontal and vertical desktop docks, HDMI docks and vehicle docks to sink our teeth into and even a holder that has an extra battery compartment that will … [Read more...]

Samsung Ban In Australia Extended To December 9th – Gives Apple Another Shot At Doing What They Do Best


  We told you guys a few days ago that Samsung won a huge victory over Apple allowing them to sell their Galaxy Tabs in Australia. Well, just 4 hours before that ban was about to be overturned, the Sydney High Court gave Apple another break by delaying the ban-reversal to December 9th. I know, a week doesn’t seem like such a big deal but in the world of electronics, being kept from sales during the peak holiday shopping season has gotta sting. Apple is no doubt grinning ear to ear … [Read more...]

AT&T Gives Us a Mobile Minute on the LG Nitro HD


  Thinking of what AT&T’s service might look like on an HD display? AT&T social media rep Daniel takes on a quick one minute tour of the new handset, showcasing its 329 pixels-per-inch, 4G LTE connectivity, and picture-taking prowess. LG has been able to push out some impressive hardware in recent months but the company is still waiting for their day in the Android sun. Is the Nitro HD (Optimus LTE) a step in the right direction? The new handset will be available December … [Read more...]

Motorola Gives Droid RAZR Owners an App to Find their Car


  If you frequently find it difficult to remember where you left your car, there are quite a few apps to choose from. If you are a Motorola Droid RAZR owner there is one specifically designed for you. The free app “Motorola Car Finder” is available now for those often wondering “was my car towed/stolen or am I in the wrong place?” The description lists only the RAZR as compatible at the moment, but we expect Moto will make this one available for other Android handsets as well, … [Read more...]

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