March 8, 2012

White Motorola RAZR Hits UK — Available for pre-order


Motorola always launches their flagship devices first in the USA, then in other parts of the world. You all may know about the Droid RAZR, which is one of Motorola's thinnest and sexiest devices to date. It's available in USA via Verizon Wireless and they recently launched the white version of it. Well, if you live in UK and the looks of white RAZR stole your heart, then don't worry because soon you will be able to get it. UK retailer Phones4U made available the white Motorola RAZR and the phone … [Read more...]

GLYMPSE hits 2 million Android downloads and plans to bring new features in update


Surpassing 2 million downloads on the Android platform, Glympse has made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. Having just over a million Android downloads 3 months ago, they've reached another milestone and plan to debut a couple new features at the Mobile World Congress, which is coming up real soon.   “We first launched Glympse on the Android platform, so we’re incredibly excited to be working with the Android team to launch our newest features and to also announce such a … [Read more...]

PowerAmp hits version 2.0.5, brings some new features


Truth: There is no shortage of Android music apps in the Market. The most consistently popular app however, happens to be PowerAmp, and developer Max MP has brought a new update to the table which adds some new functionality. We had written about the app going to 2.0 near the beginning of this year, and 2.0.5 builds on this, adding increased support for Android 4.0 (ICS) and more languages (Chinese, Polish, Korean, and Japanese). There's also the usual bug fixes includes as well. You can … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Hits FCC in Time for MWC


  The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 has been in the rumor mill as of late and it’s just as real as you’d expect. The device has hit the FCC recently and it looks like it’ll be able to strut its stuff all over the floors of Mobile World Congress. There’s no guarantee it’ll be there, of course, especially with Samsung cancelling their press conference. They don’t usually announce these small guys at press conferences, though, so there’s still a chance that it will be made official … [Read more...]

Microsoft OneNote Mobile Hits the Android Market


Microsoft OneNote is part of the Office suite many professionals use on a daily basis. OneNote lets you create, store and share ideas or information in a single, easy-to-access location. According to the OneNote blog, it seems as though you fellow Android users have been begging to use this on your phones and tablets. Now you can while on the go from any of your Android devices. Assuming you are already using OneNote, you'll have full access to all that information wherever you are. Using … [Read more...]

White Galaxy Nexus hits UK February 13th


  We feel like we’re having déjà vu. Samsung is once again announcing their white Galaxy Nexus variant for the UK, this time confirming the exact date of the handset’s launch. The GSM/HSPA+ smartphone will go on sale across a number of UK carriers starting February 13th. Other than a new white casing, which either is like the winter’s snow or the phone’s vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich operating system depending on your preferred simile, the hardware remains the same as when the … [Read more...]

Official Super Bowl XLVI app hits the Android Market


  Headed to Indianapolis for the big game? Just a huge football fanatic watching the battle between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants from home? Either way, the official Super Bowl XLVI app is here to be your guide as we lead up to kickoff. While those attending the showdown will get the most use out of the 3D maps and guides to area restaurants, nightlife, and Super Bowl related events, even those viewing the game remotely can feel like they are there live with social … [Read more...]

Prada Phone by LG 3.0 hits UK tomorrow via Phones 4u


  The fashionable stylings of the PRADA phone by LG 3.0 (most convoluted handset name ever?) will grace UK shores starting tomorrow courtesy of retailer Phones 4u. The handset features a greyscale custom interface and “Saffiano leather feel back” to match a feature set that includes a dual-core processor, 8MP camera, and ultra-bright NOVA display. The perfect accessory for any runway show, the latest Prada handset is headed for Vodafone and O2 and will be free when purchased on a … [Read more...]

LG’s Prada Phone 3.0 hits T-Mobile UK in February


  Dapper dandies take note: T-Mobile UK has updated their coming soon page to now list the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 for a launch sometime in February. The carrier touts the handset’s “stunning Prada style” and a 4.3-inch ultra-bright NOVA display but offers little in the way of specifics regarding release date and pricing. The latest Prada Phone has already brought its touch of class to market in Korea.     [via Engadget] APFs … [Read more...]

Official Wikipedia app hits the Android Market just in time for SOPA blackout


  Wikipedia fanatics have long had to rely on a third party service to browse the user edited encyclopedia natively on their Android smartphones, but just as the knowledge bank shutters its site to protest SOPA the official app has hit the Android Market. The app has several key features including the ability to save an article for offline reading and search for articles based on a user’s location in the world. Now when visiting Washington, DC to deliver letters to congress urging … [Read more...]

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