April 23, 2012

Entry-level HTC Golf press image leaks


Though a 5MP smear of blue has been the only proof of its existence up to this point, the entry-level HTC Golf looks like it will fit right in with the manufacturer’s 2012 lineup. A newly leaked press shot of the device shows us a handset that takes some of its design cues from the recently launched One line and transplants them onto what should launch as the next entry to the popular Wildfire series. Rumored to launch as the Wildfire C, the phone should feature a single-core processor and … [Read more...]

Google Updates Android Emulator to Include GPU Acceleration Support for Android 4.0.4 Image, Other Nice Changes


Google’s made some pretty nice changes to their Android emulator which should please many-a developer. It’s no secret that the Android emulator isn’t the best, performance wise, but thanks to the update things should be a lot better. SDK revision 18 brings GPU acceleration for the Android 4.0.4 image. Developers with OpenGL ES 2.0 games will now able to run their software inside the emulator. While I’m sure developers prefer to test their games on actual devices, this should prove to … [Read more...]

Want To Make A Personalized QR Code With An Embedded Image? Esponce Can Help


QR codes are finally starting to show up around town, but we've all known about them for some time, right? Well if you want to stay ahead of the curve and keep wowing regular people with your mobile expertise, why not start adding images to your QR codes? Esponce is a company that's in the business of selling QR code tracking and marketing, but part of the service is freely available, and you can use it to really spice up your QR codes. The web tool provided by Esponce relies on the fact … [Read more...]

Instagram for Android Update Fixes Image Size Issue and HTC Device Issues


Instagram for Android received a very quick update, today. It fixed a few annoying errors that users have been suffering for the short time it’s been out. They’ve fixed an issue where some HTC devices (namely the HTC One X) was not supported, an issue which caused some cameras to crash, a “File not found” error message when importing an image from the gallery and an error which reported images being too small. And while it’s not an error, let’s hope they lift that file limit so we … [Read more...]

Google Drive Leaked Image Shows 2 GB Free Storage. Looking to be an April Launch


Google’s very own version of Dropbox been spotted in the wild. The boys over at GigaOm had apparently obatianed a screenshot and got a tip that Google Drive will be released the week of April 16th. Not to far from now folks, and in the screenshot it only shows 2 GB free storage as opposed to the rumored 1 GB. There has been word that you can get up to 5 GBs for free, so let’s hope that is true. That is a lot of sharing you can do with your Android companions. So you guys looking forward … [Read more...]

Is this image of the Samsung GT-i9300 our first real look at the Galaxy S III?


Again, we’re going to say probably not. While the image indeed shows a Samsung handset running Android 4.0, for whatever reason it just isn’t screaming “next-gen successor to the Galaxy S II” to us. PhoneArena reports that the picture shows the Samsung GT-i9300. The model number has been associated with the Galaxy S III as it seems to follow logically the pattern set out by the first two Galaxy S phones. The problem is, Samsung’s numbering scheme has gotten a bit sketchy with recent … [Read more...]

Samsung leaked image portrays upcoming Galaxy Tab and phones with projectors


  And for another round of leaks, we have a few devices coming from Samsung. This image comes from BestBoyz, who have gotten a glimpse of a few devices ahead of Monday’s Samsung announcement. We have three devices, which include a tablet (GT-P5100) and two smartphones. The Galaxy Tab looks much like the 10.1N, which was designed after Sammy lost a patent lawsuit against Apple. It has a bezel that extends to the front of the tablet, and speaker grills on each side. We do not yet … [Read more...]

Leaked Image of Motorola and Intel’s Ice Cream Sandwich Handset


  Just like Hollywood celebrities who attempt to hide their estranged lovers from the public eye, the tech world works very much the same way. Sometimes for OEM’s, despite their best efforts, the truth eventually comes out. Especially when it’s a secret as juicy as this one. What you’re looking at in the above image is Motorola and Intel’s lovechild, to be later officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress in just a few short weeks. The device will have the eyes of it’s … [Read more...]

First image of LG Optimus 3D 2 surfaces, new specs revealed


  In advance of Mobile World Congress the first image of what is said to be the LG Optimus 3D 2 has made its way online. A point of emphasis with the new design is the device’s thinness. Last year’s Optimus 3D suffered from the fact that the handset measured in at 11.9mm thick. This year LG has reportedly shaved that number down to 9.8mm, reducing the Optimus 3D’s weight in the process. The Optimus 3D 2 will feature a hi-res IPS display, likely the same as the HD screen found on … [Read more...]

Latest Evernote update brings auto-titles, improved image layout and more


  Evernote has an update for their popular note taking app for Android. In the latest version (3.5) users will find several new features that should make annotating one’s life all the easier. First up is auto titles, a feature that makes it easier to find saved notes that may have gone left untitled. Evernote smartly creates a title based on time and content to make tracking down snapshots and voice memos fired off in the heat of the moment. Next comes the ability to save a note at … [Read more...]

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