December 25, 2011

Intel demos Android devices on eve of CES 2012


Ask someone to name a microprocessor back in the late 90's and early 2000's and you'd likely hear Intel and then maybe AMD.  Jump ahead a decade and now the names that roll off of tongues are Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments.  Why?  Simply put, we're more mobile today than ever before and Intel just hasn't figured into the smartphone game.  Until now. Last week, tech site Technology Review was fortunate enough to try a new prototype smartphone powered by Intel's own mobile chip, … [Read more...]

Samsung, Intel and Sprint Announcing New Smartphone At CES 2012?


  Some big announcements could be made at CES 2012 in January according to AndroidandMe who has it on good authority that Samsung Mobile will release the first Intel powered Android phone and it could be making its way to Sprint. Let’s try and piece everything together. It’s been rumored that Samsung could be getting out of the PC business but has reportedly extended their partnership with Intel. Strange, what would a renewed partnership with Intel bring? You guessed it — … [Read more...]

Intel Patiently Waits For Android 4.0 Before Releasing First x86 Smartphone Next Year


  Intel is patiently waiting for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to drop before releasing smartphones and tablets equipped with their processors. Adding to list of Android 4.0′s not highly publicized “features,” Ice Cream Sandwich is finally Intel x86 ready and the manufacturer hopes to have their first x86 powered smartphone launch sometime in the first half of next year. Currently, Android is mostly “ARM friendly,” providing chipset makers like Nvidia, Samsung and Qualcomm … [Read more...]

Intel and Android Relationship Gets Deeper as Andy Rubin Shows Off Medfield-based Gingerbread Handset


  Yesterday, Intel announced that their new line of Atom-based  E6xx processors would features support for Android 2.3, and today Andy Rubin was on stage at IDF with the real deal on hand. Joining Intel CEO Paul Otellini, a Medfield-based Android handset was the star of the show, but perhaps more important then the actual product (which appeared to be a previously spied Aava Mobile handset) was talk of a greater commitment from the two companies to work together to make Android on Intel … [Read more...]

ViewPad 10pro is a Dual-Booting Gingerbread/Windows 7 Tablet with Intel Atom Inside


  ViewSonic has announced its latest tablet, the Viewpad 10pro, a 10.1-inch slate that will dual-boot Android 2.3 and Windows 7. Among the first tablets to be powered by Intel’s Atom chipset, the 10pro’s CPU is clocked to 1.5GHz. Refinements in the Z670 core allow for impressive battery life with a single charge lasting 8 hours. Two versions of the ViewPad 10pro will be offered. A 32GB build with Windows 7 Professional and Android 2.3 will cost $ 699, while a 16GB model with Windows … [Read more...]

Honeycomb Demonstrated on Intel Oak Trail ‘Green Ridge’ Development Tablet at Computex [VIDEO]


  It seems like Intel has been developing their line of Atom CPUs for Android for quite some time now without much to show. A few Google TV boxes and promises of upcoming devices utilizing the Atom architecture are all we have. At Computex, however, we were treated to several prototype tablets from Intel utilizing their latest Oak Trail chip. Showcased was the ‘Green Ridge’ development platform sporting a fully functional build of Honeycomb. Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is … [Read more...]

Intel Announces Ultrabook, Demos Honeycomb Android Tablet at Computex


As competitors like ARM and NVIDIA aim for the smartphone sweet spot, Intel is still aggressively protecting their traditional PC market share. They see huge opportunities in the mobile realm but at Computex the company announced a more directly related product line: Ultrabooks. The company trademarked the name and expects a huge percentage of the notebook market to be made of these ultra portable, ultra thin devices by the end of 2012. Will the “Ultrabook” name stick in any way? … [Read more...]

Is Acer gearing up for a Intel based 10.1 inch Honeycomb Tablet?


Looks like Acer is at again. We all know about the new Acer Iconia A500 Tablet which features Android 3.0 running on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor; however, the new tablet which is rumored to be released in July, will be running on the Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail CPU. Right now, though limited to what we have found, the specs are as follows: 1.5GHz, support 1080p video HDMI, via Intel’s GMA 600 integrated graphics Improved video playback Faster Internet browsing Longer battery … [Read more...]

Intel Atom-based Tablet Coming from Acer in July, Making a Computex Debut?


  According to a report by Digitime we are about to see a handful of Intel Atom-based Honeycomb tablets, the first of which will come from Acer. Running on the Oak Trail architecture, the Android 3.0 slate is said to launch in July at the latest, with production of the device already underway. Sources close to the matter indicated that Intel is pushing Android tablets based around Oak Trail to manufacturers, with Lenovo and Asus to follow suit after Acer. Acer is hoping to take … [Read more...]

Intel: You’ll See Us Inside Phones in the Earlier Parts of 2012


Intel has already laid out plans to produce mobile chipsets with Android support. We still don’t know how good these will be and how they’ll do up against competition at this point, but Intel’s given a hint as to when we’ll start seeing the first devices with their chipsets embedded – early 2012. I imagine chips are already close to being sampled and I won’t be surprised if we get a peek at some of these devices at some point this year. (Or very early next year. Like, around CES … [Read more...]

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