June 7, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II Tops iPhone 4 This Month in UK


  The Samsung Galaxy S II was released earlier this month and it has already  passed up the iPhone 4 in the UK. Yay! That much is according to uSwitch.com, anyway, who monitors sales and mobile searches. Is this really a victory for Samsung, though? The iPhone 4 was released last summer to all regions and still sits in the top three list next to Samsung and HTC. To keep such a spot for so long is a victory in and of itself. I’m obviously playing devil’s advocate for Apple here … [Read more...]

Old iPhone Outselling Motorola Atrix, HTC Inspire at AT&T?


With hundreds of different Android phones on the market and available, every one can’t be a blockbuster hit. You’ll have some that are hugely popular, some that hit a niche crowd, some that find mainstream success, and some that perform full face plants. It’s no secret that the Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire are intended to be two of AT&T’s hottest selling Android products, so how and why are old iPhone 3G devices outselling them? There are several possibilities, but it’s … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S II Pre-order Numbers Beat iPhone 4′s


In case there was ever a doubt that the Galaxy S II would be a hit in it’s homeland of Korea, Samsung is claiming that their newest flagship phone has claimed nearly 200,000 pre-orders in just one hour across all 3 major Korean carriers between Monday, March 25th and the handset’s launch that Friday. This is a definite win over last years  iPhone 4 craze which saw roughly 110,000 pre-orders of Apple’s handset in the month of August just before it’s release. Just like the U.S. at that … [Read more...]

NPD: Android Share Drops for First Time in Two Years with Launch of Verizon iPhone


According to NPD’s newly published quarterly report on US smartphone sales, the Verizon iPhone may have had a bigger impact on smartphone sales than was initially thought. The availability of the device on multiple carriers was enough to push Apple up the ranks to become the third-largest handset brand in the United States. The rise pushed Apple’s overall smartphone market share up 9 points to 28 percent. The gain in ground had adverse effects on Android’s share, which saw a drop for the … [Read more...]

Android Edges Out iPhone in Number of Free Applications Available


We can’t say this was much of a shock to us, but analytics research firm Distimo today released figures about the world’s smartphone app stores. The highlight of the report was Android’s reign in amount of free applications opposed to iPhone – 134.3 thousand opposed to 121.8 thousand. And this is all while Android still has yet to come close to the number of Apps in the app store for both tablets and phones. It’s expected considering the nature of the Android market’s revenue … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Putting $1000 On the Line for a Speed Test – iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S 4G


T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network has been spreading around the US like wildfire, allowing users with 4G enabled devices to see significant increases in data speeds. In this new promotion T-Mobile has issued a challenge to anyone with an iPhone on any carrier, bettign that the Galaxy S 4G can beat them in a speed test. This contest will start this weekend and will only be available to select stores in the Seattle area. Simply bring in your iPhone and put it to the test, if you win you get a $ 1000 if … [Read more...]

Did Apple Really “Steal” Their iPhone Design From Samsung? [Pot, Meet Kettle]


Take a look at this picture. Take a good look at it. On the right? an iPhone. (I’m not sure which revision, really.They all look the same to me.) On the left? Well that’s a little fellow from Samsung known as the Samsung F700. The image alleges that the phone was announced in 2006 and released in February 2007, but only the latter is fact. The iPhone was announced and released in 2007. So that begs the question: who’s really stealing from who? (If you didn’t know, Samsung is being … [Read more...]

Apple Sues Samsung Over Galaxy Lineup’s Resemblance to iPhone


When I first compiled my review of the Samsung Galaxy S last summer, one of my minor gripes with the device was it’s overwhelming resemblance to the iPhone. The silhouette of the device, it’s singular “home” button foregoing Android’s typical four, and a user interface looking a bit too Apple-inspired made the device feel like a knockoff in some ways. Don’t think Apple didn’t take notice. In a lawsuit filed April 15th, Apple is suing Samsung over “slavishly” copying the look … [Read more...]

Research Firm: Thunderbolt Outselling iPhone at 28% of Polled Verizon Wireless Stores


This is interesting. Research firm BTIG polled 150 different Verizon Wireless stores in 22 cities and came up with the following statistic: the HTC Thunderbolt is outselling Apple’s iPhone 4 at 28% of the locations polled. (And we’re sure they own a lot more stores than 150.) We can’t put too much stock into their findings, though, as there are many other different ways to buy phones from Verizon Wireless. 61% of stores polled said that the two phones were neck and neck, while a measley … [Read more...]

Vimeo to Bring Newly-Announced iPhone App to Android


The coders at Vimeo have today announced the launch of their new official application for the iPhone. I know, I know – it’s not Android. They’re bringing this thing over to Android devices eventually, though, and what they’ve done with version 1.0 is excellent. (And even calling it that is an understatement.) Features include the ability to watch, upload, and even edit video. It’s sophisticated for what it is and I’m sure Vimeo wants to make sure they get things just right before … [Read more...]

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