May 1, 2012

Like Floating Apps? Then You’ll Love LilyPad HD, A Floating Messaging Client For Tablets


  Finally! Since the dawn of floating apps (which was like, what, three months ago?) this is the one that I've hoped for: a chat client! Brought to us by the Tablified dev team, LilyPad HD finally makes it possible to rid yourself of the full-screen chat client on your tablet for something far more practical.    Like other floating apps, LilyPad offers basic features needed for an always-on-top app, like quick-hide mode, resizable windows, and even tabs for chatting with multiple … [Read more...]

earHero Headphones May Make You Look Like a Secret Agent, But They Are Just Really Cool and Safe [Video]


We were just tipped to a product called earHero, a new line of headphones which promote stealth, but safety at the same time. earHero uses a tube-based audio system that can go up your back and around your head into each ear. If you’ve ever seen a secret service agent, an FBI agent, or an agent of any other cool government or private firms, you’ll know what I’m talking about. These aren’t meant to be micro-communications devices, however – they’re just your run of the mill … [Read more...]

Kairosoft’s Cafeteria Nipponica Hits The Play Store – Micromanage Your Own Restaurant Like Never Before


  Kairosoft, makers of the wildly popular Game Dev Story (and a ton of other "Story" games), released Cafeteria Nipponica to the Play Store today, bringing a familiar art style and gameplay format back once again, but this time in a restaurant. The game poses players as "chef de cuisine" at their very own restaurant, allowing for total control over every detail from tables to TVs to menus, ingredients, salary negotiation, dish development, and much more.    Like in Kairosoft's … [Read more...]

Samsung Releases “Value Pack” For Galaxy S In Korea – Tastes Like Ice Cream Sandwich


  Back when Samsung broke the bad-news that the OG Samsung Galaxy S wouldn’t being seeing any taste of Ice Cream Sandwich they did mention that the device would be seeing door-prize of sorts in the form of an update they called a “Value Pack.” This update is now officially ready for Korean Galaxy S users to download and update via Kies. Samsung announced the availability of the update via their official blog page for both Froyo and Gingerbread running Galaxy S’s. The Value … [Read more...]

New Motorola device surfaces, looks much like the Droid RAZR


  A leaked picture of what could be the Motorola DROID Fighter showed up last week. Showing off a design that has become typical of the latest Motorola devices (Droid RAZR-like). But the DROID Fighter is not showing up alone. The same source has just released new images of another device, which seems to follow the same design patterns. There are some noticeable aesthetic differences, though. The Kevlar looks like it is extended through the whole back, almost reaching the sides and top … [Read more...]

NVIDIA and BioWare Release Mass Effect 3 LWP For Tegra Devices: It’s Not Fancy, But If You Like Mass Effect, You’ll Probably Love It Anyway


Those who know me or follow me on Google+ know that I love Mass Effect. Actually, that may be a bit of an understatement; I've had 4 characters that played every single mission and side-mission in both the first and second game, and I just finished the trilogy a few days ago. And now, I have a new way to show my love: with a new Mass Effect 3 live wallpaper (LWP) from NVIDIA and BioWare.      What makes this particular wallpaper "live"? Two things: the reapers falling down from the sky … [Read more...]

HTC Explains The Process Used To Create The One S’ Super Durable Body – “Almost Like Lightning Striking The Phone”


  Taiwanese manufacturer HTC released a short video today explaining the process used to create the One S' unique, durable body. For those who need a refresher, the One S is 1/3 of HTC's new 'One' line of phones, debuted at MWC this year.  The One S is just below the One X, and just above the One V spec-wise, carrying a 4.3" Super AMOLED display, 8MP camera, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and a super slender 7.95mm profile. HTC's video shows off a process called Micro Arc … [Read more...]

Like Magic: Waterproof Phones for $59 with Liquitel


  This video truly looks like a magic trick: watch him dunk a tissue in water, pull it out, and have the tissue be absolutely 100% dry. Now take that concept, apply the same special coating to your phone , and you’ll have a lot of happy campers. It will still be painfully obnoxious to retrieve your phone after dropping it in the toilet, but at least under these circumstances, you’ll have a working gadget and not a waterlogged brick. The company behind this technology is called … [Read more...]

Mobile World Congress – the Top 5 Android rumours we’d like to see happen


This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) is about to kick off in earnest on 27 February in Barcelona, and one of the biggest presences this year in Google. As well as launching a dedicated microsite, manned with our green friends and with a countdown clock, Google is hosting its own major stand at the event. MWC is renowned for big hardware announcements, but in more recent years its become a launchpad for major software and service releases too. So just what can we expect from the Android … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia U pictured next to Xperia S, looks like its smaller counterpart


  Back at CES Sony introduced us to the new look for their 2012 product lineup with the Xperia S and Xperia Ion. The sharp edged styling continue with the 3.5-inch Xperia U, which has been spotted next to its larger counterpart in a series of leaked images. The Xperia U is stamped from the same mold as the Xperia S, right down to its transparent Android soft key/antenna bar positioned below the screen. Unlike the Xperia S, it is revealed that the smaller handset will sport a removable … [Read more...]

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