December 24, 2011

U.S. Cellular set to offer Huawei Ascend II next week


U.S. Cellular today announced that their next Android smartphone, the Huawei Ascend II, will be available online next week.  Also expected to hit their retail stores in early January, details include Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 3.5-inch touch display, a 5-megapixel camera, 2GB SD card, and Swype's alternate keyboard. The Ascend II will be offered for free after a $ 100 mail-in rebate and marks the first Hauwei model in the carrier's lineup.       AGs … [Read more...]

The Dark Meadows Brings Console Quality Survival Horror To Tegra Devices Early Next Year [Video]


  Mobile gaming is having a revolution of sorts, bringing console quality titles to devices never before imagined, like your smartphone or tablet. We’re starting to see a shift from cutesy casual games like Angry Birds to more serious titles like Shadowgun — and I’m all for it. Take “The Dark Meadow,” a new survival horror game from Phosphor Games Studio that just popped up into the Tegra Zone. Aside from the creepy trailer, not much else is known. The game puts to full use the … [Read more...]

ASUS Transformer Prime to receive Android 4.0 next month?


The ASUS Transformer Primeis considered as one of the hottest Android devices of 2011, and it was announced by ASUS a few weeks ago as the first ever NVIDIA Quad-core tablet. While the Prime has already been available for pre-order, it's set to hit the market by the end of this month and considering the amount of retailers already out-of-stock, this device is looking to fly off of shelves. The only sad thing about the Prime --- it's expected to launch with Android 3.2 instead of Ice Cream … [Read more...]

Amazon to issue software update to Kindle Fire in “next two weeks”


Amazon, in hearing the complaints of the first wave of users, promises to issue a software update "in less than two weeks".  Expected to address a number of pain points, this new update would fall only a month or so after its last 6.2 release.  So what's the problem with the Kindle Fire? As it turns out there are a few things which can be fixed via software. Spend a bit of time with the Kindle Fire and you'll notice that it's impossible to edit the list of recently used items (books, apps, … [Read more...]

ASUS Transformer Prime Delayed Until Next Year Because Of WiFi Issues?


  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you were planning on picking up an ASUS Transformer Prime in time for the holidays, you may want to listen up. We received a Phantip from one of our readers who pre-ordered the supertab through NCIX, an online retailer and according to them, the Transformer Prime has been delayed until next year. The email NCIX sent out to their pre-orders says the following: “Unfortunately, we just received word that the ASUS Transformer Prime has been … [Read more...]

The Next Big Thing – Movies & Music


Samsung has released another commercial from their "Next Big Thing" ad campaign, this time focusing on music and movies.  As you'll see in the clip below, the Android guy running a Galaxy S II gets to pull his music and movies from a variety of sources and doesn't need to spend 36 hours in line to do so. What do you guys think of these commercials?  Are they effective in swaying people over to the Samsung and Android way of life or are they a waste of ad money?  We like to think it changes … [Read more...]

Grand Theft Auto III arrives for select Android devices next week for $4.99


Rockstar Games today announced a more solid date and pricing for the Android release of their wildly successful Grand Theft Auto III.  Timed as part of the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking game series, the title arrives on December 15th with a one-time $ 4.99 download fee.  It's worth pointing out that that not all Android smartphones and tablets will be supported at launch. Take a look below to see if your model makes the cut... at least upon debut. Android Phones: HTC … [Read more...]

The Next Big Thing Has 4G Enabled Speed


The next big thing is already here. See why everyone is talking about the Samsung Galaxy S II   AGs … [Read more...]

Buckle Up – Acer, Lenovo and Samsung Plan To Release Tegra 3 Tablets Early Next Year


  Digitimes is reporting that Acer, Lenovo and Samsung are planning to go thermo nuclear war against eachother in early 2012 with the release of their own quad-core, Nvidia Tegra 3 powered tablets. The rush for quad-core was sparked by ASUS’s upcoming Transformer Prime which will see a release sometime in December. According to sources, competition will be just as tricky as the last time around with the tablets mainly emphasizing an improvement in performance and design — not much … [Read more...]

Lenovo’s New IdeaTV To Drop Early Next Year – Google TV Inside?


  Earlier today we told you about Lenovo’s new line of Android powered smartphones and tablets and now we’ve learned that the Chinese company is planning on getting into the smart TV business with a new line of “ideaTV’s” that will launch early next year. Although Google TV was never specifically mentioned, Lenovo did make it point to say the televisions would offer connectivity with their new line of Android powered devices. This leaves Google TV as the most logical choice as … [Read more...]

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