April 15, 2012

Linux Tycoon, “The Nerdiest MMO Ever Conceived,” Headed To Android With Online Play


  It appears that Linux Tycoon, "the world's premier 'Linux Distribution Building Simulation Game'," will be gaining online play soon, and (more importantly) is officially headed for Android (and iOS). In a blog post earlier today, Lunduke announced both of these exciting developments, and explained just how the game's new online capabilities will work: the mind behind "the nerdiest MMO ever conceived" will be releasing Linux Tycoon Server, allowing players to run their own "world" … [Read more...]

ASUS Transformer TF300T Up For Pre-Order Online – $380 For 16GB Model With Tegra 3 Processor


  If you’ve been holding out for an affordable mid-to-high-end Android 4.0 tablet, it looks like you wont have to wait much longer. The ASUS Transformer 300 series popped up today in a Google search result, showing up at online retailers on both sides of the pond. French online retailer Tablette Store currently has the tablet up for pre-order at €500, while US retailer J&R will soon have the tablet available at $ 380. That’s not too shabby a price when you figure the … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) priced at $309 in QVC’s online store


Towards the tail-end of last week an Office Depot page came online for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) with pricing included. A few days later the smaller Galaxy Tab 2 variant has had its price outed in a similar fashion. A landing page at QVC’s online store shows the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 with a price of $ 309.96. The figure seems right on the money considering the 10.1-inch model’s $ 400 price tag. The Galaxy Tab 2 is expected to be delayed in order to ship the tablet with Android 4.0 out … [Read more...]

Google Will Sell Subsidized Nexus Tablets Directly To Consumers Via Online Webstore


  WSJ is confirming what many of us have suspected all along. According to the Journal, Google will be entering the tablet market with their very own Nexus tablet (possibly more than one) that they will sell directly to consumers via their online webstore. Big “G” wont actually be manufacturing any of this hardware themselves, instead allowing ASUS and Samsung to do all the labor for them. It’s also being said that Google will be subsidizing these tablets, keeping them around a $ … [Read more...]

Minibash Brings Strategic Online Fighting With A Colorful, Bloody Twist To Android


  Minibash, a 2D fighter that originally sprang forth from the Toribash community as a flash and iPhone game, recently hit version 1.0 for Android thanks to Nabi Studios. The game is a brilliantly simple 2D turn-based fighting game, in which players train, morph, and fight their respective characters - kicking, punching, and decapitating other players to progress through tournaments, or practicing in single-player challenges. One of the great things about Minibash, besides its … [Read more...]

Full details for LG Lucid arrive online


The full set of hardware details for Verizon's LG Lucid have landed online weeks ahead of its expected  official announcement.  Specifications point to a mid-range Gingerbread handset so we're expecting something far below the $ 299 price point that typically accompanies 4G LTE devices.  The LG Lucid should arrive at Verizon sometime in April so we should anticipate a few "in the wild" images to hit the internet soon. LG Lucid specifications: Android 2.3 Gingerbread 4-inch IPS … [Read more...]

Track all of your online orders, shipments with Slice for Android


Slice this week announced the general availability of an Android edition of their popular online shopping and tracking service. After more than 10 million downloads on iOS we can imagine this app will see more than a few on Android. What exactly does it do?  Pretty much everything, as it relates to online shopping and package tracking, with a bit of brick-and-mortar thrown in for good measure.   Available immediate in the Google Play Store, Slice works for anything running 2.2 or higher, … [Read more...]

Slice Is A Must-Have Personal Assistant For Online Shopoholics – Now Available For Android


  Every now and again, an app comes along that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it. Slice — released today — is one of those apps. Slice automatically organizes and tracks all of your online purchases inside of its handy app. No more searching through your emails clicking links, coping tracking numbers — Slice will take all of the hassle out of online shopping, giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’ve paid for and when it’s arriving on your … [Read more...]

Italian online store Marcopoloshop jumps the gun, announces HTC’s latest ahead of launch


  HTC is expected to announce their much-awaited Endeavour and Ville (now rebranded as the One X and One S respectively) tomorrow at MWC in Barcelona, but Marcopoloshop.it is already quite openly displaying the price tag and offers to notify users of its availability. Considering the names are still Endeavour and Ville on the website, I think it’s safe to say that they’re just looking for some page views. But the price tags of 599 Euros for the Ville, and 699 for the Endeavour … [Read more...]

Google Files For Gesture Patent – Aims To Make Online Searches Even Easier


  Google’s makin’ big moves lately, doing what they can to stay on top of the patent war. Their newest patent? A gesture system that could soon be making its way to Chrome for Android. Filed back in Q3 of last year, the gesture system works as a sort of easy search function, giving the user to search for content online, without lifting a finger. Simply draw a “g” on the screen and continue to lasso the content you want to search. Want to look-up multiple items? Just move from … [Read more...]

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