August 16, 2011

7-inch Acer Iconia A100 Pricing and Release Date Revealed


  I’ve never been one for all those 10-inch Android tablets running around these days. They don’t fit well into my skinny jeans. But this 7-inch Iconia A100 from Acer, I could definitely see myself wearing. We’ve known about this device for awhile now but a solid release date or pricing was never given. The last we heard, it was going to be released this September overseas but that left us hanging here in the states. While we still don’t have an exact date for the launch, … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Officially Announces Mytouch 4G Slide Release Date, Pre-order Date and Pricing


  Probably one of the most leaked phones in recent memory, T-Mobile has sent out a press release officially confirming a July 27th launch date for the HTC Mytouch 4G Slide. If you were really looking to be one of the first to get your hands on this device, T-Mobile will also be taking pre-orders as early as July 19th. The phone boasts one of the highest quality camera sensors found on a smartphone today with almost zero lag when taking shots. Also on board is a 1.2GHz dual-core … [Read more...]

Motorola drops WiFi only Xoom pricing to $499


Been holding out, waiting for the inevitable price drop to come to the WiFi only Motorola Xoom? If so, your wait is now over. As announced on the Motorola Twitter account the price of the WiFi only Motorola Xoom has now been dropped to only $ 499 and for those keeping track that's a full $ 100 off the original launch price. Making room for the Motorola Xoom 4G?   Source: Motorola AC … [Read more...]

Samsung Announces New Conquer 4G For Sprint – Still No Pricing or Availability


  We broke this story not too long ago when a tipster sent us some pictures of his SPH-D600 on Sprint. We didn’t have an actual name to go on but it looks like that has changed with Samsung’s newest unveiling of the Conquer 4G for Sprint. While I wouldn’t call the device a low-end phone, it does manage to hang somewhere in between mid-level and high-end. Lets start with some of the specs. The phone features a smaller 3.5-inch HVGA display, 3.2MP rear facing camera with a 1.3MP … [Read more...]

Rogers lowers pricing for the LG Optimus Pad


  We're guessing someone at Rogers corporate offices woke up from their money-filled dreams and realized that if you want to sell tablets, they need to be somewhat reasonably priced if you're also going to be taking on a new 3-year contract as well as handing over $ 300 or more in cold, hard cash. With this realization came a price drop for the LG Optimus Pad which was previously set at $ 449 and is now sitting at $ 254 with a 3-year contract while the outright cost, no-contract … [Read more...]

Verizon employees get tipped off of changes to data pricing


  Need more before you believe rumors of data plan and rate changes coming to Verizon?  We don't blame you, confirmation is always a good thing, and we just got some.  Some Verizon employees have received a message from South Area VP of Marketing and Sales Lee Williams that confirms changes are coming.  Of course Mr. Williams puts a positive spin on it all, and for most consumers, it probably will save some money.  Unfortunately, many of us aren't the average consumer, so we don't … [Read more...]

Sprint Introducing New Pricing for a Few Existing Android Handsets


Sprint has more than just the Motorola XPRT coming June 5th as they plan on updating the pricing on a few of their existing Android phones and the new Motorola device. Such devices include: HTC EVO 4G – $ 149.99 LG Optimus S – $ 19.99 Samsung Transform – $ 49.99 Motorola XPRT – $ 129.99 All of the listed prices are base don a new two-year contract. Additionally the XPRT pricing hasn’t changed from what it was expected to be originally however it also made the list as … [Read more...]

The T-Mobile G2x Plot Thickens, New Pricing Revealed


  Our good friend David over at received an interesting screenshot today. It seems that T-Mobile is now raising the price of the G2x after they took it off the shelf due to inventory issues.     This could mean 1 of 2 things: 1. They are compensating for the price it is costing them to repair all the exchanged devices. 2. They are bringing in a new batch with Gingerbread, thus rolling out a Gingerbread Update. Now this is all pure speculation of … [Read more...]

Verizon Data Plans in for Major Overhaul, Tiered Pricing and Family Plans


  If you thought Verizon’s $ 29.99 per month for unlimited 4G data was a bit too good to be true, well…we all know how that goes. The dust has once again been stirred up around talks of a data plan overhaul for Big Red, with tiered pricing seeming more likely than ever. The changes are said to be coming this summer, starting with the elimination of unlimited data at a flat fee. CFO Fran Shammo said new plans will force heavy data users to pay more, but the hope is to offset … [Read more...]

Pricing of the Sidekick 4G, G2X and G-Slate Gets Official


In the biggest launch event T-Mobile has had in recent memory, this Wednesday, April 20th will see the release of some of T-Mobile’s biggest and brightest Android devices. The LG G2X, Samsung Sidekick 4G and Lg G-Slate will finally be arriving in retail outlets around the country and official pricing will be as follows: G2x for $ 200 after $ 50 mail in rebate (full price $ 500) Sidekick 4G for $ 100 after $ 50 mail in rebate (full price $ 380) G-Slate for $ 530 after $ … [Read more...]

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