April 22, 2012

Samsung’s flexible displays now have a name – Youm


Samsung has been showing its interest in making flexible displays for quite some time now. When concepts like the future of mobile video and Galaxy Skin started showing up, we saw this as something too amazing to be true. But the Korean manufacturer has proved that such technology is currently very possible, and it is coming very soon. Samsung has just named this technology, and it seems it will go by the name of “Youm.” With a name established and trademark filed in (along with WAMOLED, … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Galaxy Y Duos Video Is The Coolest Thing I’ve Seen All Day


  Samsung has been on fire lately with clever ad spots (“Dude, you’re a barrista.”) and today, their Portugal branch is bringing us another, this time, to promote their dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. The video uses a projection technique normally reserved for tall buildings (or Buzz Lightyear’s face at Disneyland), but this time, the canvas or “screen” is a man they’ve painted completely white and had to remain completely still for 3 hours (no bathroom breaks?). Using … [Read more...]

Could this be Samsung’s 11.6″ Galaxy Tab?


  Unlike most Android manufacturers, Samsung seems intent on retaining its strategy to manufacture hundreds of variants of devices that vary in the tiniest of manners. After creating something like a gazillion tabets in the 7-to-9 inch range, they seem to be interested in testing the upper limit on tablet sizes if the rumors of the 11.6 inch tablet are to be true. Although there hasn’t really been any solid basis for the rumor, which first originated at BGR,  Android and Me found … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Onslaught of Samsung Galaxy Note Accessories. Mounts, desktop Docks, Cases and S Pen Holders.


What good is a shiney new Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T without any good accesories!  Well pretty damn good…lol.  It’s always cool though to add a few extras to the mix and see what your device is capable of. Samsung were nice enough to send me a few little goddies so I thought I’d share them with you: What does sammy have to offer you to enhance your Samsung Galaxy Note…   Galaxy Note i717 Vehicle Navigation Mount & Car Charger Model ECS-K1E1BEGSTA. Website: … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Mockup On Their Facebook Page Shows Vanilla Android 4.0


  Now, we’re not saying this is real per se, just more or less that it’s interesting. Interesting in that — one, the Samsung Galaxy Note doesn’t offer a stock Android 4.0 experience and — second, when it eventually receives its upgrade, it will be a TouchWiz’d out ICS like on Galaxy S II variants. So, why is Samsung USA’s Facebook page showing a Galaxy Note with vanilla ICS? Well, I guess that would be the million dollar question. Or perhaps it’s not a question at all. … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Got A “Bezel-less” Phone With Your Name On It – Galaxy B Coming To MWC? [Rumor]


  I’ve seen it talked about a few times in our comments section and while the general feeling surrounding bezels is that the smaller the better, we still haven’t seen a smartphone — or tablet for that matter — with a near “bezeless” display. Well, it looks like that could soon be changing with Samsung rumored to be ushering-in the era of non-existent bezels with their rumored Galaxy B smartphone. Samsung has long been one of the Android OEM’s to feature a great … [Read more...]

Set it and forget it with Samsung’s new Android-powered oven


  Samsung’s new Zipel ceramic oven takes the guesswork out of cooking thanks to a little help from your Android smartphone. While the front of the oven still features traditional controls, built-in WiFi and an Android app allows users to set the oven remotely. The app also includes 160 presets for various meals to set the oven to the perfect temperature and time. Talk about taking the guesswork out of cooking. As you might expect from an oven with WiFi, smartphone controls aren’t … [Read more...]

Samsung’s March 22nd Event in France Won’t Unveil Any New Devices


  Yesterday, it was discovered that Samsung would be holding a mobile event in France on March 22nd. Speculation ran wild, of course, with some even suggesting that this could be the launch platform for the Samsung Galaxy S III, an unlikely but not impossible notion. Well, it looks like the “unlikely” part rings true as Samsung reportedly debunked rumors of the Galaxy S III, or any new device, being announced at this event. The french show will serve to showcase their existing … [Read more...]

Prepare to Get “Samsunged” During Super Bowl 46 With Samsung’s New Major Ad Campaign

2081e__samsung_logo1 (1)

  The folks at Samsung are planning a major Super Bowl 46 spot and it all begins with a new video in the “Next Big Thing” series of ads. It’s a continuation of the campaign where they depict Apple fans standing in line waiting for a phone that looks the same as last year’s iteration, only to be showed up by someone carrying the illustrious Galaxy S II. They’ve gotten a name for that now: Samsunged. As you know, the time to wait in these clips get shorter and shorter each … [Read more...]

The Coolest Thing I Saw At CES 2012: Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window


  Alright, so CES 2012 has come and gone but there was one thing I never got a chance to show you guys. Besides the boat load of Android rockin’ handsets and tablets I did manage to get my grubby little hands on one more “device” and that came in the form of Samsung’s Smart Window. Easily the coolest tech I got to play with at CES this year, Samsung’s Smart Window could be considered the future. Well, that — or completely useless, depending on how you look at it. And even … [Read more...]

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