April 20, 2012

Google Updates The TV & Movies App For Google TV, Adds Personalized Suggestions, More Show Info


Google TV still exists. It's important to be reminded once in a while because, while Google TV promised to be our deliverer from the evil world of crappy cable box interfaces, so far the company has yet to deliver. Today's update to the TV & Movies app, though, is a step in the right direction. For starters, Google has finally done what we've all wanted since there were more than three channels: now you can see what shows are on just your favorite channels on a single … [Read more...]

The Daily Show Pokes Fun At Google’s Project Glass [Video] – All New Android App Now Available


  The Daily Show has an all new Android app released into the Play Store today. Dubbed “The Daily Show: Headlines,” the app let’s you watch all your favorite Daily Show clips — but not full episodes — anywhere you have an active network connection. Features:  Watch The Daily Show headlines from the past two weeks Sort new clips by popularity, or use our random quotes module to relive some of The Daily Show’s classic bits Search the archive for clips you missed or want … [Read more...]

Official Daily Show Headlines App Hits The Play Store


  Do you love The Daily Show? Do you love apps? Would you love an app that let you watch some of the The Daily Show's best moments on your mobile? If you answered yes, sure, I guess, whatever, eh, or any other semi-positive affirmation to any of the above questions, then you're in luck! The Daily Show Headlines app just hit the Play Store.    The Daily Show Headlines gives you access some of the top stories that Jon Stewart and The Best F&*@ing News Team Ever has to offer, … [Read more...]

[Live Wallpaper] Fresh Leaves – Give your HD screen something to show Off


I may not be personally a fan of live wallpapers, but I know many of you are. While cruising around YouTube and the Play Store last night I came across one that blew my mind. The developers behind it, maxelus.net, have created quite a few live wallpapers like Ice Galaxy and Shadow Galaxy. While those are stunning space themed live wallpapers, I feel they have really outdone themselves with their latest creation. The newest addition to their line up is called Fresh Leaves. With it brings the … [Read more...]

Google CEO Larry Page thinks Steve Jobs’ Android hate was just ‘for show’


In an interview with Businessweek, Google CEO Larry Page took some time to discuss the direction of the tech giant now that things have settled after a shakeup that saw him assuming his new role while other, like Eric Schmidt, were moved to new positions within the company. Of the many topics touched on, Android came up more than once. In one of the more revealing moments, Page says he actually had a good relationship with Apple founder Steve Jobs. The brain behind the iPhone was somewhat of a … [Read more...]

International Google TV apps show up in preparation of global expansion?


  Google TV has taken some time taking off, one of the main reasons being that it is focused on the US market. The company has plans on rolling out its smart TV services internationally within 2012. The exact date is unknown, but those looking for any clues should take the new Google TV international apps as good news. The Search Giant has just released a flurry of international apps to bring US residents closer to their home countries. The list includes Asian channel PPTV, Yupp TV, … [Read more...]

Samsung and Rovio to Show Off Angry Birds Space at SXSW Tomorrow


  Samsung and Rovio will be at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas tomorrow to unveil a game that they’re drumming up a fair bit of hype for. Angry Birds Space is the game we’re talking about, of course, and it’ll be our second look at the title since Rovio announced it last month. The first look came earlier today as they took to the International Space Station to walk us through some gameplay footage. The game is shaping up to be the Angry Birds refresh that the series … [Read more...]

Rovio takes us to the International Space Station to show off new physics in Angry Birds Space


  As part of the leadup to the release of Angry Birds Space on March 22nd, Rovio unveiled a special video today to show some off some of the new gameplay physics we can expect in the game. Rather than showing us a boring demo of the actual game, the Angry Birds took to the International Space Station where we are walked through the process of flinging a bird in zero gravity by an actual astronaut. The game will include “planetary bodies” that will have a gravitational effect on the … [Read more...]

Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 benchmarks show dual-core is not dead


  There is no denying that quad-core processors are the next big thing in mobile, but new benchmark tests suggest we shouldn’t be sleeping on the next generation of dual-core CPUs. AnandTech got their hands on a developer device sporting Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 platform and the results simply blew away the competition. I the Linpack multi-threaded benchmark the MSM8960 torched every device on the market. Its next closest competitor was the Samsung Galaxy S II, … [Read more...]

Press Invite Reveals Nvidia’s Plans To Show Off First Quad-Core Phones at MWC 2012


  Looks like Nvidia is getting ready for another quad-core industry “first” when they introduce the world’s first Tegra 3 powered smartphones at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The press invite they sent to media outlets revealed in an image of a strapping young gentleman completely enthralled with his smartphone (generic device used) instead of the high speed roller coaster (or uber hot young lass sitting beside him). It will be interesting to see which Android OEM’s … [Read more...]

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