December 25, 2011

Track Santa on Your Smartphone with the Official NORAD App


  NORAD has made a holiday tradition out of tracking Santa’s whereabouts as he hurries around the glob to deliver Christmas gifts to millions of children, and this year is no exception. Except this year Santa can be tracked from Android smartphones using the official NORAD Tracks Santa app. Beginning Christmas Eve users will be able to follow Santa’s yearly journey. To help pass the time until then the app includes an “Elf Toss” game. Also included is background info on NORAD and … [Read more...]

Round Two of T-Mobile’s Smartphone Battle See the Galaxy S II Take on the iPhone 4S [Sponsored Post]


Last week we saw T-Mobile’s HTC Amaze 4G put a serious hurting on the iPhone 4S, but it seems that wasn’t enough to quiet the Apple fanboy down at the arcade. He must be a glutton for punishment to challenge the Samsung Galaxy S II after taking an 8MP camera smackdown. Who will win this round? Here’s a hint: it’s the dual-core phone on T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network. Is this week’s entry into the smartphone battle even better than the first? Decide for yourself by checking out the video … [Read more...]

Huawei to Unveil Their “Smartest, Fastest and Most High-Performing Smartphone Yet” February 26th


  We just received a save the date notice from Huawei for February 26th, 2011. That date and the location, Barcelona, coincides with Mobile World Congress, of course, and there they will be on hand to showcase their “smartest, fastest and most high-performing smartphone yet.” Their words, not ours. We’re not sure what Huawei is cooking up but we know they’ve been trying to create a better name for themselves with devices that can compete against heavy hitters such as Samsung, … [Read more...]

LightPad Creates Up to a 60-inch Projection of Your Smartphone Screen


  Now that mankind has managed to shrink powerful computers packaged down to a pocketable size the next step, logically, is to find a way to make them big again. Or, at least, make the content displayed on their displays bigger. The hard part is creating a larger display that is also somewhat portable, a task QP Optoelectronics is attempting to tackle with their LightPad projector, which will be unveiled at CES 2012. The concept is like a mashup of Motorola’s LapDock, the ASUS PadFone, … [Read more...]

Google+ Update Brings Hangouts to Your Smartphone


  Google is making a slew of updates to the Hangouts portion of Google+, making it easier to initiate a hangout with friends and opening Hangouts On Air to more and more users. Along with the push comes an updated version of the Google+ app for Android, which allows you to initiate a Hangout directly from your smartphone. When chatting in a Google+ Messenger stream, tapping the camera icon will flip the app into hangout mode, allowing you to chat face to face with friends using the … [Read more...]

NPD on US Smartphone Numbers for 2011: Android in the Lead, iOS Trailing and Everyone Else a Non-Factor [Stuff We've Heard Before]


  NPD Group have released their smartphone OS market share numbers for the United States for the period of January-October 2011 so far. Up to this point, Android commands 53% of the US market share, a considerable lead over Apple’s iOS at 29% and RIM’s Blackberry OS owns 10%. Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 7, Symbian and WebOS are still very much irrelevant, though Microsoft is making decent progress. The trend from quarter to quarter has looked exactly like this so this comes as no … [Read more...]

Panasonic’s 4.3 Inch OLED Smartphone AIMED for Europe, But Will It Captivate Smartphone Buyers?


  Panasonic has announced that it’s looking to introduce a 4.3 inch OLED smartphone for Europe. It’ll apparently be ultra-slim d-shaped and resistant to water and dust.With no other details beyond that and a look of the device in the photo you see above, it’s hard to get excited about a device that we know so little about. Panasonic says they have high goals and ambitions, though, and want to get this thing out worldwide and ship 5 million units. While they’re highly regarded … [Read more...]

Some Verizon Wireless Customers Receiving $100 Off Coupon In The Mail – Good For ANY 4G Smartphone


  Verizon Wireless is sending out a promotional mailer to residents in Illinois. The flyer states that the recipient can receive $ 100 off ANY of their 4G smartphones as long as they redeem it by December 25th. Rumor (yes, that’s all it is at this point) the Galaxy Nexus could launch next week making this a great time to signup or renew that contract. We’re still unsure on the reach of this mailer but now would be a good time to run outside and check your mail. Let us know if you … [Read more...]

Ingenious Macro Lens in a Rubber Band Brings Close-ups to any Smartphone


  We’ve always thought the idea of additional lenses for a smartphone camera was a neat, if not a bit impractical, idea. The macro lens is a popular choice for those wishing to beef up their shooting power, but there is no easy way to mount most options found on the market. That was before someone thought up this ingenious macro lens rubber band. You get exactly what the name describes, a lens for snapping detailed close-ups within a stretchy loop of rubber. The result? A lens that … [Read more...]

ZTE to Make High-End Smartphone Push in the US


  Though ZTE has only recently entered the US smartphone market, the company has a much longer history producing budget-level devices for other areas of the world. But now that a claim has been staked in American soil, ZTE America President Lixin Cheng has sights set on bigger and better things. With sales of ZTE devices up 157 percent year-over-year, Cheng sees the US as the manufacturer’s primary focus in the future. To further their cause ZTE is expected to produce a lineup of … [Read more...]

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