April 22, 2012

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Arrives Early For Some Lucky Pre-Orderers


  I love a good surprise. Next to waking up to a warm plate of breakfast in bed, this would have to come in close second. If you were one of the lucky few Sprint customers who were able to squeeze in a pre-order of the Galaxy Nexus (before it sold either due to overwhelming demand or short supply) you may have noticed a little surprise today from the delivery man. Looks like the Galaxy Nexus is showing up a full 2 days early, for some and is something not to uncommon for those that … [Read more...]

[OP-ED] The state of smartphones and the issues it presents to some Users


The beauty of having an opinion is that it is yours and yours alone. People can say what ever they like about it, but it is still yours. I wanted to start a conversation that has been eating at me for a while. With the HTC One S recently being announced and officially headed to store shelves on April 25th, I could no longer keep my thoughts to myself. The state of smartphones is changing. Is the change for the better or the worse? I don’t know yet, but let’s do a little talking about a few … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Plans For Company Re-Branding – Trades Carly’s Pink Dress For Some Leather [Video]


  I have a confession. I have a huge crush on Carly Foulkes. In case you were unawares, she just so happens to be “the girl in the pink dress” behind T-Mobile’s commercials. In her latest teaser video, Carly has taken off her sweet, wholesome pink dress and slipped into something a little more… leather, as T-Mobile readies for the launch of the HTC One S. Apparently, the new “good girl, gone bad” image is part of T-Mobile’s newest efforts to re-brand themselves this year … [Read more...]

[GO Launcher EX Theme] Add some ‘Sense’ 4.0 to your Homescreen


Every great device that is floating around the world is only as great as the software inside. Android has so much available to it that a lot of it gets lost in the Play Store and buried in forums. One of the greatest advantages in the Android world we live in is the sheer amount of customization options that exist. If you have TouchWiz, install a different launcher. If you hate the stock browser, grab a different one. The flexibility of Android is what truly makes it amazing. Having the … [Read more...]

Motorola to Use Snapdragon Chipsets for some Phones?


Motorola has enjoyed a nice, fruitful relationship with TI and NVIDIA, but new evidence suggests they may be looking at Qualcomm’s arsenal of chipsets for at least one upcoming phone. A GLBenchmark result for one Motorola MB886, a device believed to be headed to AT&T. The benchmark surprisingly shows that the device will house Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 MSM8960. While we’re sure AT&T would love to get NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 into their devices, they have to consider options which … [Read more...]

Great FREE music being offered up by Google, come get some Snoop Dog, Gorillaz and many others


If you are like me, then you are always on the look out to score some free tunes. preferably in the more legal of methods than by other means. Sometimes the legal method isn’t always so fruitful though. Right now though,  it is. Google is offering up 15 free tracks right now via Google Play Music store. Happily called the Festival All-Stars, they bring in some big name bands. You can snag Sweat by Snoop Dog, Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz or Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. All of this is to … [Read more...]

Pogo from EA hits Android with some free games to play


EA has been no stranger to the mobile scene, launching many of its prized franchises into the app stores of Android, iOS, and WP7, along with some games that were developed specifically for mobile. Their latest foray is a gaming center app called Pogo, where quite a few games can be played from one easy location. The app will include 4 games for free (Poppit!, Word Whomp, Turbo21, and Sweet Tooth2 ) with the opportunity to unlock a solitaire game. Definitely worth a look at the very least. Those … [Read more...]

TSF Shell Launcher Updates Bringing some New Features and Fixes


Some of you that pried open that wallet of yours and dished out the 16 dollars to get TSF Shell Launcher Launcher are probably not at all bored with it at all.  Some of you out there are also probably debating on spending the money and getting the unique launcher on your device. I completely understand, pricey apps are always a debate in my Android world. After trying out TSF, I was truly impressed by it. Smooth and fluid, and it completely transformed my phone from what I am use to. With … [Read more...]

Google Software Engineer Drops Some Truth Bombs – Talks About 8 Month Waiting Period Before Updates Reach Our Hands


  There’s been all kinds of chatter today in regard to Google releasing the Android 4.0.4 source code today. A lot of excitement, a bit of disappointment and possibly even a dash of rage mixed in there as well. For those of you with non-Nexus or rooted devices, I’m sure the first thought that immediately comes to mind is, “When I can expect to see this update on my device?” Well, Jean-Baptiste Queru, one of Android’s software engineer legends, helped shed a little light on this … [Read more...]

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