April 22, 2012

Official 500px App Lands In The Play Store, Brings Amazing Photographs And A Clean Interface To Your Mobile


  Those who dig the photography aggregation site 500px can finally enjoy all of its offerings on their mobile device, as the official 500px app is now available in the Play Store. The app is just as simple and elegant as the site itself, paying specific attention to highlight all of the work on display instead of offering an over-the-top interface.    Once the app is fired up, you have a grid of images available, and tapping on any image displays it in greater detail. Once the … [Read more...]

The Play Store Has A 24/7 Support Line You Can Call, And It’s Actually Kind Of Good


Calling a support line sucks. You're already in a bad situation, or why would you be calling in the first place? As Google demonstrated with its support of the Nexus One, though, the only thing worse than calling a support line is not having one at all. Thankfully, Google now has a phone-based support system that lets users talk to a real person 24/7 about problems with the Play Store. Like most things Google, it's actually a pretty interesting take on the old tech. Our People Will Call … [Read more...]

Google Play Store Now Offering 24/7 Phone Technical Support


  Ask anyone how they feel about Google and their services, and they’ll likely tell you their single biggest issue with the internet search giant is that you can never expect any kind of technical support. None. Well, Google may be trying to change that image by now offering 24×7 phone support in the Google Play Store. Oddly enough, you still can’t call Google — Google calls you. Simply fill out the form on their website, and if your problem is a big enough deal, you can hope … [Read more...]

Google Signs A Deal With MGM Studios, Brings 600 More Movie Titles To The Play Store


  At the beginning of April, Google sealed a deal with Paramount that would bring 500 additional movies to the Play Store. Now, the Roaring Lion has decided to join the ranks as well: MGM studios' catalog is now available on Play Movies. The iconic MGM lion has been around for many years, and is one of the most easily recognizable signs that cinematic enjoyment is coming your way. The addition of MGM means that Google now has five of the six major movie studios' offerings in the Play … [Read more...]

Official Daily Show Headlines App Hits The Play Store


  Do you love The Daily Show? Do you love apps? Would you love an app that let you watch some of the The Daily Show's best moments on your mobile? If you answered yes, sure, I guess, whatever, eh, or any other semi-positive affirmation to any of the above questions, then you're in luck! The Daily Show Headlines app just hit the Play Store.    The Daily Show Headlines gives you access some of the top stories that Jon Stewart and The Best F&*@ing News Team Ever has to offer, … [Read more...]

Instagram Updated in Play Store – Welcomes HTC One X Users To The Hipster Party


  Another day, another Instagram update. Well, at least you can’t accuse the devs over at Instagram HQ of slacking off (favoritism, maybe). No, today’s update didn’t bring the much requested blur filter or combining photos into a single, collage of hipster pics. Today’s update brings the usual set of bugfixes with added support for Tegra 3 tablets and handsets, of which there is currently only one handset — the HTC One X. For all you One X users out there (you, lucky … [Read more...]

Crime City hits the Play Store, free and full of Violence


One can never have enough violence in the palm of their hands. That is why Grand Theft Auto has done so well in my opinion. It lets us do all the terrible things we want without any of the real world consequences. There is something about breaking into houses, stealing cars and beating people up that just hits the right spot. A relatively new game from Funzio, title Crime City, offers us just that sort of game play and a whole lot more. You start out as a low life petty criminal … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) priced at $309 in QVC’s online store


Towards the tail-end of last week an Office Depot page came online for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) with pricing included. A few days later the smaller Galaxy Tab 2 variant has had its price outed in a similar fashion. A landing page at QVC’s online store shows the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 with a price of $ 309.96. The figure seems right on the money considering the 10.1-inch model’s $ 400 price tag. The Galaxy Tab 2 is expected to be delayed in order to ship the tablet with Android 4.0 out … [Read more...]

Download: Latest Google Play Store v3.5.16


A new Google Play Store v3.5.16 started rolling out to some Android users in the last 24 hours. This version replaces 3.5.15, which brought a whole host of new features last time around, and reportedly brings fixes to those having trouble seeing purchased apps or experiencing force closes. Additionally, improvements in snappiness were reported, but it could just end up being the placebo effect. I haven't found any other obvious changes thus far. Still, if you haven't received the update yet, … [Read more...]

Kairosoft’s Cafeteria Nipponica Hits The Play Store – Micromanage Your Own Restaurant Like Never Before


  Kairosoft, makers of the wildly popular Game Dev Story (and a ton of other "Story" games), released Cafeteria Nipponica to the Play Store today, bringing a familiar art style and gameplay format back once again, but this time in a restaurant. The game poses players as "chef de cuisine" at their very own restaurant, allowing for total control over every detail from tables to TVs to menus, ingredients, salary negotiation, dish development, and much more.    Like in Kairosoft's … [Read more...]

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