December 18, 2010

Toshiba TG01 Now Runs Android

Remember the WinMo-powered Toshiba TG01? Me neither, but if you can dig deep in the memory crevices of your brain, it was the first production phone to ever use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon silicon. With a 4.1 inch screen and a Snapdragon processor clocked at 1Ghz, it was the phone of its time, with specs previously unheard of. Unfortunately, the TG01 ran WinMo 6.5, which soon became outdated and stagnant, and the TG01 faded away into the back of users’ closets.

Today the Toshiba TG01 can be dug out and have life breathed back into it thanks to XDA member Markinus, who has modded the TG01 to run Android! Right now, the first build isn’t usable for a daily driver, but can be downloaded from the XDA thread just in case you have to be up on the latest and greatest.

So far, the working features and progress made by Markinus are as follows:

Added touchscreen buttons
Added first Test Build! Extract to sd and run haret! Look to Post 2.

Touchscreen is working now. I had to recalculate the calibration values. Later we have to look to better calib values, maybe a calib app for users.

We have now a official mach id 3197. This have to be changed in the default.txt for haret.

So some new stuff is checked in:
– panelfile with basic support for mdp and lcdc
– sd card works
– usb works
– rpc, pcom, works

So if you have a Toshiba TG01 and want to run the world’s latest and greatest mobile operating system, Android, make sure to hit up the source link and let us know how it went in the comments!

Source: XDA-Developers via Engadget

Google TV Products Set to Explode at CES; Vizio, Toshiba and Samsung Coming Soon

Vizio Google TV Concept

Vizio Google TV Concept

Google TV has been released for a couple of months now and there has been lots of speculation about the future of the product and how it will affect our viewing experience.  The biggest issues around the platform is the backlash from the TV networks who fail to see how IPTV products can fit into their revenue stream and their fear of allowing pirated media to be easily found and displayed.

Until we see applications for Google TV that give the experience you get on your desktop, like those experienced through Hulu, it may be a slow uphill climb.  Hulu and other online content is supported by advertising built into the broadcasts and enhanced subscriptions required to get the latest and greatest content.  The only step now is to work out how to get this revenue stream into the hands and pockets of the major networks.

While more and more networks decide to block their content from being viewed through Google TV products, including Walt Disney Co.’s ABC, CBS Corp. and NBC, it doesn’t sound like it’s stopping manufacturers from considering products based on the Google TV technology.

A report released on the Business Week site yesterday insinuates that Toshiba, Vizio and Samsung are working on products we will hopefully see at CES in January.  Apparently, people close to the subject stated that two of the companies will announce products at CES but declined to be identified.

The more manufacturers Google can get on board the Google TV bandwagon, the more support we should see from the networks and the more solutions will get devised to make sure that everyone gets their revenue streams in order.

All three of these manufacturers currently make Internet enabled TVs and embedding the Google TV platform into their future products just seems like a natural choice.  Having a single platform that everyone can use will only benefit everyone and means that application developers only need to develop a single application that can be distributed to all the manufacturers. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it!

Jeff Barney, General Manager of Digital Products at Toshiba, was quoted as saying:

“Google certainly is a key partner for us on the PC side and will likely be key for us on the TV side as well.”

Samsung and Vizio have been very quiet about the products and have declined to comment on multiple occasions or they have indicated that they are considering products but no decisions have been made yet.

Source BusinessWeek via ThedroidGuy

Toshiba Cooking Up an Android Tablet for October Release

toshiba-logoName a tech company that has anything to do with computers, smartphones, or portable consumer electronics, and I bet we can find at least one bit of information suggesting they are working on an Android tablet. Go ahead and count Toshiba among the many promising upcoming tablet experiences using Google’s open-source mobile OS. The good thing is this next batch actually looks pretty exciting, with many — including this new Toshiba device — said to be running NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset. The only other information known about Toshiba’s entry into the tablet-sphere is that it will feature a 10-inch display and should be hitting shelves by October.

It looks like right around the holiday season will be the period to watch for the Android tablet revolution. That is when numerous manufacturers are slated (pun intended) to release their first tablet offerings running the little green guy. Motorola, Samsung, and now Toshiba are just a few that are promising rather high-end and seemingly polished tablet experiences. It is hard to say with so little known about any of these devices, but if any tablet is going to be a break through for Android it is bound to be counted among those being released this fall.