April 22, 2012

Amazon’s “Sprint through Spring” sale gives you Sprint 4G phones for one penny until April 30th


Amazon Wireless is hosting a nice sale for anyone looking to continue doing their business with Sprint. They’re calling it the “Sprint into Spring” sale, and the cleverly-titled ordeal will bring all of Sprint’s 4G phones to your doorstep for just one penny. Of course, this won’t last forever — you have until April 30th to get in on the deal. And most of you know by now that you’ll need the mandatory $ 80 for their everything data plan ($ 70 service plan + $ 10 data fee). … [Read more...]

Google’s rumored Nexus tablet reportedly delayed until July


The oft-rumored Nexus tablet has reportedly been delayed by a month or two as Google and Asus apply some last-minutes tweaks.  The guys at The Verge are indicating that Google wants to adjust the design a bit so that they can come in under the $ 249 price tag that has been tied to the tablet.  We've previously heard that the tablet would hit the $ 199 barrier that the Amazon Kindle Fire enjoys so this seems to confirm those details. The hardware is said to feature a 7-inch display, NVIDIA's … [Read more...]

Report: Galaxy Note 10.1 delayed until June, will launch with quad-core Exynos CPU


A new report has surfaced that claims the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is getting pushed back to June, but for good reason. A Korean economic daily claims the delay is due to a change in processor from the dual-core model shown off at Mobile World Congress to an edition that will feature Samsung’s upcoming quad-core Exynos platform. The model we saw at MWC largely resembled a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with S Pen support, but the change to a beefier processor — if the report pans out — … [Read more...]

Samsung Norway Puts The Galaxy Note On A Diet, Says No Ice Cream Sandwich Until Q2 2012


  Folks across the pond rocking that huge phone/tiny tablet simply known as the Galaxy Note have been waiting patiently for Samsung to deliver on that Q1 promise for the ICS update. Bad news: doesn't look like that's going to happen. According a new post on Samsung Norway's Facebook page, the Android 4.0 update for the mighty Note has been delayed until sometime in Q2. While this news may be a bit disheartening, I wouldn't stress out too much about it just yet - Samsung has been … [Read more...]

IDC: Android tablets won’t overtake the iPad until 2016, holding their own for now


  With the release of the new iPad analytics firm IDC is upping their tablet forecast for 2012. Their unit forecast has been bumped up from 87.7 million to 106.1 million but the lion’s share of those devices are still predicted to run iOS. IDC’s current model doesn’t have slates running Google’s Android overtaking Apple’s tablet until 2016 despite strong growth in 2011. At the forefront of that growth was the Kindle Fire. During the final quarter of 2011 Amazon’s $ 199 … [Read more...]

MotoActv update delayed until Friday, still looks to shake things up


  You may recall a major update for Motorola’s MotoActv was planned for today, March 7th. As things seem to go when it comes to upgrading Android software, there has been a slight delay. The update is now due this Friday, March 9th. The new software will offer some major changes and enhancements, including the ability to track 40 new activities including everything from tennis to yoga. Wrist detection will allow users to wake the MotoActv from sleep with just a flick of the wrist and … [Read more...]

The Countdown Begins: 8 Days Left Until TSF Pro Shell Launcher Is Released


  Yes, folks. If you can believe the date posted on their YouTube trailer, there are only 8 days left until TSF Shell Pro launcher is finally released into the Android Market. A launcher that can be described as nothing short of amazing (maybe even overly complicated?), TSF Shell Pro is a launcher that takes inspiration from those TAT UI videos we saw back in the G1 days, with gorgeous animations, UI and I have to admit, will take some getting used to if it ever sees the light of … [Read more...]

ASUS Transformer ICS Update Delayed Until March


  Owners of the original ASUS Transformer are still without Ice Cream Sandwich despite expected windows of January and February for its launch. It looks like you guys might have to wait even longer as ASUS Singapore has mentioned that they are now looking at a February/March window, meaning it could be here any time between now and the end of March. That still doesn’t mean much because, you know, it could always get delayed again. We’re still hopeful ASUS will be able to get this … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Valentine’s Day sale extended until tomorrow?


  Getting a free 4G smartphone seems like an awesome idea. But it seems like so many of you are getting them, that T-Mobile’s system is having issues. And according to a plethora of consumer reports, T-Mobile has found the need to extend the Valentine’s Day offer until tomorrow. Like many others, our friend BigMerf has reached out to T-Mobile via multiple social networks, and he received this message straight from Magenta’s Facebook account. Just like this message, many other … [Read more...]

Apple Appeals ITC Decision to Delay HTC Product Banning Until April


  Back in December 2011 Apple won an ITC case against HTC where they sued the Taiwanese smartphone maker for infringing on several of their patents, four to be exact. The courts ruled that only one of those patents were infringed upon by HTC and elected to ban the importation of several devices. The ban wouldn’t be administered until April of this year, however, and Apple is not happy with that. With the grace period, HTC plans to remove the infringing feature from their phones … [Read more...]

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